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Vegas the ShowGlamorous showgirls, a live “big band” orchestra, singing, dancing… VEGAS! THE SHOW tells the story of how it all began.  The Rat Pack, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Tom Jones, the legends who made Vegas... Vegas!


VEGAS! THE SHOW opens in the “Neon Boneyard,” resting place of those beautiful signs that defined the city during its glory days.  The icons are soon sparked back to life by their caretaker, Ernie, who is determined to show visitors TRUE Las Vegas entertainment, the way it was meant to be.


Soon… showgirls, singers, dancers, and a live “big band” begin to join Ernie, taking you on a musical journey through the decades and telling the story of the most dynamic performers who made Vegas the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”


VEGAS! THE SHOW – Saxe Theater inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.




Featuring music from some of Vegas’ most unforgettable icons who grace the stage for a night of incredible classical entertainment, there is unbelievable music driven fun you can expect at the event. And after they have came on the stage, dancers and beautiful showgirls take over while live bands provide some history for all of those who remember where Vegas came from. The Vegas! the Show event was recently voted the best show in all of Las Vegas. This is a must-attend concert you don't want to miss or even conclude your Vegas trip without attending. It is both family-friendly and date-friendly meaning you can comfortably bring along your kids or 'new catch’. To get the most out of it, you need to buy the VIP ticket as it gives you access to the special VIP line and reserved seating so you can sit at the front and see everything.

Is The Vegas Show Event Worth Spending Money and Time On?

There are those who would try to argue that watching entertainers live is a waste of time and money and that the CD would always be better. There are also those who just do not understand the incredible experience that comes with a concert like this one. Contrary to the belief of these individuals, a concert like the Vegas Show can be very beneficial. While spending cash on tickets and merchandise may not be avoidable, the experience as a whole is more than helpful. The excitement and energy of the Vegas! The show concert is intoxicating, and many concertgoers are always left craving for more! The event provides you with a host of benefits including but not limited to the following? 

1) Discovering New Music

We all love to discover new things and share our discoveries with loved ones and friends; there is something particularly rewarding about being able to recommend a new artist whom no one else has heard of yet. The Vegas live event features Vegas' many iconic entertainers from the past and present, some of whom you have never heard of or even seen on TV just as your loved ones and friends. The event is where you can discover them plus their music before anyone else does.

2) Interacting Personally with Celebrities behind Music

There is certainly nothing more rewarding than to be in the presence of someone whose work you truly admire and appreciate. How would you feel hanging out with someone like Celine Dion, or Shania Twain or Elton John whom you have been listening to since your childhood? Of course it would be quite mind-boggling for you. Depending on the star power of the artist, the Vegas! the show concert is the best place to meet your favorite musician. The media has a habit for exaggerating things and creating “celebrities” for us to idolize, making them seem more special than the average person, when in fact they are just like us. Interacting with these people behind their celebrity personas can provide you with some insight as to who they truly are, something that can be quite exciting.

3) Networking Opportunity 

Concerts such as the Vegas! The Show are a good place to meet new people and network. You are under one roof with all those unfamiliar faces because of a mutual interest, which is music. This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You can meet someone very interesting and develop a friendship that may last a lifetime. You might not think this is possible until it happens to you. Music brings us together and provides a sense of belonging as well as social integration, so we all feel more like a family. 


Experiencing a band live is one of the most amazing experiences ever. It can be an active encounter filled with some type of bliss that words cannot describe. The dialogue between the artist and the audience brings out a human aspect to music which makes every second of the performance breathe a totally unique breath. Watching a band live and also being in the same place with someone whom you admire and whose music you enjoy is one of the most amazing experiences that anyone can have. Getting to witness a concert of a wide variety of music genres is an experience that can be well worth the time as well as money paid and it is something that we all should indeed experience. Do not just take our word for it, we urge you to attend the Vegas Show this November at the Saxe Theater and see for yourself. This is a very affordable concert with so many ticket options. To book a seat, do not forget to grab your ticket online before it is too late and the venue is packed.


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