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Cirque du Soleil - Ka Tickets

Cirque du Soleil Ka Las Vegas Tickets

Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas is a show that portrays the love between a young man and a young woman told through the duality of Kà, which is the fire that can either illuminate or separate and destroy the two lovers. It can also be described as a coming of age story that is presented through the acrobatic movements that Cirque du Soleil productions has come to be known for. This particular is a grand one with a total of 80 artists coming together for the performance. Apart from the gravity-defying moves, the production also features other elements such as puppetry, projections and even martial arts. Setting the atmosphere for the movements of the performers is a soundtrack that accurately captures the emotions that the production is trying to evoke.

A Lavish Show

If you will see Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas for the first time, you will surely get the impression that it is very lavish. But lavish alone is not enough to fully describe the show. It is also one of the most technology-advanced shows not only in Las Vegas but around the world making the show a good example of a production that can successfully merged a good story, technology and talented and highly skilled performers. Another thing that people will surely appreciate about this show is the costume design. If you are into fashion or if you are simply someone who appreciates good pieces of clothing, then you will surely love the costumes worn by the performers in this show. 

About the Story

This is not to say that Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas is a perfect show. For one thing, the show can use some improvements in the story department. If you will strip the show of all of the effects and the glitz and the glamor and the high wire acts, you will be left with a production that you may not be able to keep you interested for more than an hour. But of course, no one really goes to a Cirque du Soleil show expecting to watch a story-centric performance. Their shows are always about jaw-dropping stunts and effects that could rival those from a Hollywood movie. This show is actually one of the more popular Cirque du Soleil shows. In fact, since it started in 2004 it has been seen by more than one million spectators already. Judging by popularity alone, then this show is really a must-see.


It would be nice for people to know a little about the show’s history. One of the things that you should know about it is that is created by and directed by a man named Robert Lepage. Though the show was actually started in 2004, it debuted in public in February 3, 2005. Unlike previous Cirque du Soleil shows, this show actually features a comprehensive plot. This means that this is actually the group’s first attempt to center their performance on an actual story rather than just have a series of acrobatic stunts and special effects. Kà is actually a concept that originated in Egypt. It refers to a spiritual duplicate and Egyptians believe that it accompanies a person from birth and even after death. 

Not Typical

If you have not seen a Cirque du Soleil show then what you need to know is that this not represent their typical show. A typical Cirque du Soleil show does not have a straightforward. Instead, it is usually just a series of abstract visuals. The interpretation of the meaning of these visuals depends on how the audience sees them. This is why some people describe Cirque du Soleil as a more sophisticated circus act. The attempt to incorporate a story in the show may not be completely successful but it is nevertheless a good attempt. The story actually gave more meaning to the acts. And it did made the sow more engaging and even charming. After all, stories, with their interesting characters, allow people to have people to relate to.


Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas is a very successful show in terms of the recognition and the achievements that it has gained. Because of this production, its creator Robert Lepage received the Tenth Glenn Gould Prize in 2014. The show has also been staged for more than 5,000 times already. It can also be considered as one of the more expensive shows in Las Vegas because it cost more than $165 million to develop. Of course, when you see the show, you’ll be able to conclude that all that money is definitely worth it.


The shows stage design is also worth noting because it earned the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement that is given by the Themed Entertainment Association in 2008. The theater and stage used for the performance was actually designed by different individuals. The theater and stage itself is designed by a British architect named Mark Fisher while the structural design of the platforms was designed by McLaren Engineering Group from New York. The stage used in the show is unique. Unlike other shows, this one does not have a fixed platform. This gives the impression that the whole stage is floating. This adds to the mystical nature of the story and indeed provide more value to the whole production.

Visual Feast

Cirque du Soleil shows are visual feasts. Mainly responsible for this are the special effects used in their shows. Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas is no different. In fact, you can say that the production gave their all for this one. The show features complex automation, fireworks and traditional puppetry. It also made use of multimedia projections that actually helped the audience to become immersed in the story. The multimedia projections used both motion detecting system as well as infrared video motion. This allows the system to keep track of the performers. 

Cirque du Soleil Kà Las Vegas is both for people who have seen other Cirque du Soleil shows and for those who have not seen any of the group’s shows before. It is definitely a must-see if you are in Las Vegas.

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