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All Shook Up Las Vegas Show TicketsAll Shook Up Vegas Show Tickets

Anyone who finds themselves in Las Vegas over the next month or so, Elvis Presley fan or not, should highly consider getting themselves tickets to see All Shook Up – Tribute to the King, an Elvis tribute show at the V Theatre as soon as possible. One of the most popular shows going on right now, All Shook Up has differentiated itself from the typical Elvis tribute show in Las Vegas by making itself all-Elvis, all the time. Playing hits like heartbreak Hotel to Suspicious Minds and backed by a live band the whole time, we decided to sit down and see what all the hype surrounding All Shook Up was about. So stick around and read all about this one-of-a-kind Vegas Elvis tribute show.

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Elvis tributes on the Strip are a lot less common then they used to be, so checking out All Shook Up is a much more rare chance than tourists might believe. Aside from the hordes of Elvis impersonators posing on the streets for photos The King doesn’t seem to have as strong of a grip on the Las Vegas Strip as he once did. The biggest hit was probably Cirque De Soleil’s decision to shut down their famous and popular Elvis show, stating that the target demographic was getting too old. After that, the well-known Elvis exhibit at Westgate was closed down due to missed payments and now Elvis is in the midst of taking an eight-month break from the Legends of Rock performance on The Strip. Vegas just isn’t Vegas without Elvis though, and All Shook Up is doing its part to keep the tradition of excellent Vegas Elvis tribute shows alive.


Hosted at the V Theatre, where the intimate theatre allows the crowd to feel as if they’re right in the middle of the production. The dancing, swivelling hips – Elvis style, and singing of the lead, Travis Allen, is done exceptionally well, making the audience remember why they bothered to see an Elvis tribute show in the first place. 

Directed by Vegas veteran producer Leonard Quenneville, All Shook Up keeps many of the traditional aspects of the tribute show, while simultaneously stretching out the definition of what we consider to be a show, intentionally blurring the line between a show and musical set. Furthermore, within the first few minutes it becomes very apparent that All Shook Up is not meant to be a biographical depiction of The King’s life and musical career, but rather, a reimagining of the legend with his songs as the backdrop. Chock full of Elvis songs, backed by the live band and background singers, and minimal chatter and dialogue, Allen is able to come across as a strong Elvis substitute, gimmicky wig and sunglasses aside.


The small theatre size at the V Theatre really lends to the overall feel of the show. Allen, a 2015 Best Impersonator winner, really gets the crowd into the show. By the end of it all most of the crowd was singing along, with some members even getting up to dance. The show is divided up into two different sections, the first being his older songs, and the second being The King’s more recent hits – but of course, the delivery made it easy for the fans to get into songs, new and old, no matter their age.

One of the coolest aspects of the show was its refreshing social media and recording policies. Of course, every show goer will be familiar with the usual disclaimer before any show to please turn off all cell phones and recording technology and cameras…but All Shook Up breaks all the rules by actually encouraging their audience to record and share everything. It seems to be working too, as a quick scan online provide hundred of photos and short videos from various performances of the Vegas Elvis tribute show.

Audience members get to feel even more part of the production as Allen, in full Elvis jumpsuit, would hop off stage and sit down with members of the crowd, pausing his song just long enough to smile for a quick selfie. After the show Allen and the rest of the crew stayed around to take fan photos with as many people as they could. The show is pure entertainment on its own, but it doesn’t hurt to have an appreciative audience as well.

Plot and Songs

All Shook Up takes place in 1955, somewhere in Middle America. Without giving away too much, the musical’s story centres on Chad, a motorcycle-riding troublemaker, and Natalie, a small town girl with larger-than-life dreams. The songs carefully capture the life and times of this era, and in a way that somewhat fuses those times with the modern times. Honestly, though, the plot of the show is secondary to the music and the performances, so here’s a list of all the songs performed: 


At the end of the day, All Shook Up succeeds at its goal of being a good old-fashioned fun time. Winning at everything show-goers want in a tribute show – energy, good impressions, engagement and good song and dance – Travis Allen and the rest of the All Shook Up crew are doing their part in making sure that Elvis remains The King of The Strip. All in all, we have no problem recommending anyone visiting the city to check out the Vegas Elvis tribute show, as it will be ongoing a the V Theatre for the next couple months. And to those thinking of a vacation, why not make Las Vegas your destination this once and enjoy the true magic of this city.

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