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Stripper 101 is a class for WOMEN, 18 years of age and older only.  Absolutely no nudity. 

***Class schedule is subject to change, cancelations, and sell outs.***

Women have been ostracized and condemned when they have been open about being who they are. At Stripper 101 Las Vegas, all these restrictions are thrown out of the window, giving you a safe place to explore your femininity without fear or judgement. We believe all women are beautiful, regardless of age, size, shape or colour, and here, you can be free to let loose while learning some very good moves to impress your partner....

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What you will learn

Through our classes, you will learn the secrets to pole dancing: the best moves, how to strip tease and even perform a lap dance. These lessons are easy to learn because of our qualified trainers who know all there is to know and also patient to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Available packages

You should be able to decide on just how much fun you want, and we have thus tailored our classes into packages so that it will fit everyone. These packages are:

Standard package

This is the basic package for Stripper 101 Las Vegas and it’s perfect for a fun night out for you and your friends. In this package, you will be taught some great moves you can later try out on your own from our instructors. You can book for individual classes when you need to come in on the fly without prior notice and still experience the same professionalism we offer all our clients.


At the end of these classes, you will have learned some new fresh moves to show off to your friends and boyfriends. As for the bride-to-be, you will certainly have a trick up your sleeve to surprise your husband with on your honeymoon. You will also be awarded a stripper 101 souvenir license with your name on it just to remind anyone with doubts that you are qualified.

VIP Package

If you really want to get pampered, this package is for you. Besides the stripper 101 classes you receive, you will also be offered drinks before the classes begin to loosen you up and kick start the lessons. Afterwards, you will receive a voucher for a ticket to a sexy show you and your friends can attend later on in the evening. You can choose between a ticket for:

  • · Chippendales: a recognized brand in ladies’ entertainment, or
  • · Zombie burlesque: a burlesque show featuring the hottest zombies performing for you

What Women Want package

Why stop the fun at the end of the night? For an even longer period of fun, this package will keep you entertained for days, enjoying the Vegas weather and watching the best shows in the city. This could cover the entire weekend and perhaps even more if you wish without being overly expensive.


All the benefits of the VIP package are included and then some additional perks. Drinks will be available at the Showgirl Bar before you begin your classes and then you get a voucher ticket for either Chippendales or a Zombie Burlesque show.

Benefits of the package

The Vegas V Card is the icing on the cake, giving you access to some of the best nightclubs and day clubs in Vegas. Relax and enjoy your time in Vegas in the best lounges the city has to offer and then top it off with pool parties during the day. You can be sure you will have plenty of opportunities to show off your newly acquired dancing skills.

Classes offered

Group packages

For the girls’ night out or bachelorette party, this package will furnish you with complete stripper 101 classes for the entire entourage. It is ideal for groups because of the amazing special discounts when 8 tickets or more are purchased. 

Private classes

For the shy, you can opt to book private lessons which could be individual or even in a group. Our instructors will be patient to teach you all the basics before you are confident enough to take on the big stage.

Why Stripper 101

1. Accessible: you can book classes any day of the week because we’re always open to new customers. Besides, we acknowledge you might be busy during the week, so we have even more open slots over the weekend for the working lady.

2. Professionalism: all our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable about all there is to know about pole dancing. You can feel confident in our hands to learn even the most complex moves in safe hands without any injuries. It’s safe to say, you get to learn from the best the moves that will leave your partners gaping and friends cheering.

3. All round fun: it’s not just about the classes, we offer a great time for whatever event it may be. You can enjoy a bachelorette party or a fun girls’ night out complete with all the bells and whistles: drinks, champagne and a lovely group of hosts and your friends.

Why you should go

1. Keeping fit: dancing is among the best forms of exercise, and pole dancing is just a form of dancing. These classes will provide you with a platform to exercise and remain fit, lose weight and shape your body to the perfect figure. Various moves will improve your flexibility and exercise your muscles so that you can become more physically healthy.

2. Lots of fun: there isn’t a lesson at Stripper 101 Las Vegas that isn’t exciting and engaging. This could be the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to bond over an exciting activity and also get you out of your comfort zone.

3. Gain confidence: most women are often afraid to show their sexuality openly for fear of ridicule and scorn. These classes will help you feel more confident in your own skin and not to be scared about who you are.

4. Explore Las Vegas: our classes are one of the best places to visit when you come through Las Vegas and you are new to the city. Here, you will meet lots of other women also looking for a great time, interact, share, have fun and not get bored with the trip. Whether you’re alone or with a friend and need something to do for the night out, book one of our classes and prepare for one of the greatest nights of your life.


The beauty of Stripper 101 Las Vegas can only be felt by those who make a point of attending. There is a lot to learn and a lot to savor especially for ladies who love to explore new things in life. Whether you are looking to have fun or to simply learn some new moves in pole dancing, enroll in a class and let the magic begin.

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