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Yes, has a complex technical music composition which has been able to amaze the world of progressive rock, throughout time. Their music has a history of over 30 years. Yes, has completed 15 studio albums and given more than 20 international tours. If you happen to have enough luck to see them playing alive, it would be such a big mistake not to go and experience the extraordinary production, sound and show that they give to their fans. Yes is still considered to be the main English progressive rockers of their generation. It is a perfect blend of progressive, art and symphonic rock music. Their lyrics are just an enchanting use of mystical and cosmic composition mixed with complex musical arrangement.

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Historic Line up

With a trajectory of having sold 13.5 million certified units in the U.S. They have had an evolving process as a band, for having 19 people in total, whom at some point had been part of the band’s line-up. And not only from London like the original members. These members come from Switzerland, South Africa, America, Russia and Canada. Their most recent line-up has been: Jon Davidson-singer, Steve Howe- guitarist, Billy Sherwood- bass guitarist, Geoff Downes- keyboardist and Alan White the drummer.

In 1982 Yes, reformed with Anderson, Squire, White, a returning Kaye, and singer and guitarist Trevor Rabin, adopting a more pop rock sound. Hence, this change in the music composition set up the basis for the most commercially successful line-up of Yes with the album 900125 in 1983. This made room for their biggest hit, this led them to having the number one single in the US: "Owner of a Lonely Heart", and then ¨Big Generator¨ in 1987. Such huge and favorable change for the band, lead them to have an eight-man line-up. Which was a change from the beginning since they began being a quintet.

The Split

Controversy and a bit of drama has to be placed for transformation and different creative turns in artists of all walks. You can specially taste this in music. The split of the band began with the departure of the members: Anderson and Wakeman. This had been kept a secret at the time it happened, only the people in the Yes circle knew about this. Meanwhile the pop duo ¨ The Buggles¨ ( Geoff Downes – keyboardist and Trevor Horn-singer) had hired Brian Lane as their manager they had proposed the song called: "We Can Fly From Here," to be played with the Yes band. After the separation of the two members of Yes, Squire presented this option to Yes and suggested it as an opportunity to get a new creative input and complexity to their next releases. From this point on, Yes took Horn and Downes as full time members. The new reconfigured band recorded the album called: Drama, which was released in August 1980. As the name suggests, this album projects a lot more heaviness, and hardness in the sound in comparison to the material recorded with Anderson in 1979. The album Drama, was ranked as number 2 in the UK and number 18 in the US.

After the tour of this album, the band took Lane out of the charge of being their manager. It was a time for changes. The departures continued with Horn, White, and Squire and then Downes and Howe chose to leave as well.

New Yes and more

With the creation of a new band called Cinema which had 3 founding members of former Yes, this band was decided to be renamed as Yes. Which made the band get a relaunch into the market and painted their music compositions with a pop rock style, this change was still able to transmit their progressive roots. By 1997, the album Keys to Ascension was released. Followed by Open Your Eyes tour, for which Yes hired the Russian keyboardist- Igor Khoroshev.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Squire, Howe and White reunited the band for a show which was intended to celebrate Horn´s career. By 2014, Yes had completed their: Three Album Tour and continue to perform the Yes Album. This is still being performed in their tours until now.

Yes Tour US 2016

The taste of their albums Drama and Tales from Topographic Oceans (recorded in 1973) which have left a remarkable composition in the world of progressive rock music, is just a gift to your ears. One of the members of the band Steve Howe manifested this feeling of gratitude and enthusiasm for this new US tour by saying: “We are proud to present the American public with forward-looking albums from the past.”

Another highlight of this tour is the fact that Chris Squire one of the founders and the only member who has stayed enrolled in Yes throughout all the stages of the band will be part of the line-up for this tour too. The current line-up of the band is: Jon Davidson on the vocals, Billy Sherwood on the guitars, vocals, keys and production, Steve Howe on the guitar, Alan White on the drums, Geoff Downes on the key boards, Chris Squire on the bass and Rick Wakeham on the keyboards.

The album they are playing for this 2016 USA Tour is ¨ The Album Series¨ - TFTO 1&4, Drama and more! Bringing all the attitude they are well-known of having and their stunning way of bringing people together to enjoy rock in a different level. The tour starts on July 25th at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA. And they will arrive to Las Vegas in August. The venue will take place at the Downtown event center. It is recommendable to book tickets in advanced, to make sure you get the tickets and less price you want. Up to now it would be necessary to rush and get tickets as soon as possible if you actually want to be able be there. Tickets are being purchased at a fast rate. Go get them!

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Especially if you are a fan of this legendary band of progressive rock, and you want to get the full experience and rock transmission that they live for giving to their audience you have to run get your tickets and be ready for a real rock experience.

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