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Jefferson Starship Vegas Concert TicketsJefferson Starship Las Vegas Concert Tickets

Meet the rock "n" roll music band that is taking the musical experience in Las Vegas by storm. You probably have heard of the legendary name, Jefferson starship if not actually been in a one night party with the rock geniuses. Those who have had the chance to attend the Jefferson starship concert in Vegas can tell you all. It is a marvelous group of talented folks who simply make you feel the rhythm of the guitar and the metal instruments. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - pretty common saying for anyone who is asked about their experience in Las Vegas. Well, with that in place, try to ask anyone who has ever attended the Jefferson starship concerts there. The saying will be overridden for they will spill it all. I'm no exception. I believe we are living in the future - the best time in the world. This is because of the fantastic things happening around this time (this millennium by the way). Fantastic bands too exist. So ladies and gentlemen, remain settled and focused as I take you through the whole thing about Jefferson starship in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas won't apply, at least for today!

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Having been formed in 1974, Jefferson starship is an incredible American rock "n" roll music band currently consisting of 6 members. They include Danny Baldwin, Paul Kantner, Cathy Richardson, Jude Gold, David Freiberg and Chris Smith. The Jefferson starship we know today is the final product of many earlier versions of the same music band, with different names and performing different music genres. It was hard to penetrate to the surface while still doing pure rock music in the early 80s'. In many occasions, the individual or the band had to modify the rhythm and song play scheme to the usual pitch to auger well with by then the musical structure. This means that Jefferson starship faced enormous challenge to bring its tune to the world where change was hard to embrace. Best known for the hit sings "White rabbit", "somebody to love" and the hit album "Airplane", Jefferson starship had a history dating back in the early 70's. Since then the band suffered numerous shifts in terms of personnel and genre wise. In fact the band started from a psychedelic rock gang to MOR pop powerhouse and then back again. The band was formerly known as Jefferson Airplane featuring its original first album, Airplane. It later changed its name to the current one, Jefferson starship. Ten years later (from 1974) the band suffered another bigger blow when it lost one of its members, Paul Kantner who was also the founder and guiding personnel. It since then saw too many name changes which later brought it to the today's name, Jefferson starship. By 1974, it had stabilized as a psychedelic band group.

From Jefferson starship (that is 1974), its first album was titled “Dragon fly" which was a big deal in the UK. In fact it ranked number 11 in the US billboard and consequently number 18 in Canada ratings. This was a successful release which met a lot of applauses, the actual stepping stone for the band. The other successful album following this was the "Spitfire". It was met with uproar although it discouraged the members a little bit for it was not as successful as the predecessor. However it ranked #30 in the UK billboards. The next 5 albums also took the Jefferson starship high and went to considerable good selling. With everything that happened, Jefferson starship is still seen as a successful psychedelic rock group up to date.

A detailed description of the members with their contributions Paul Kantner played guitar, did some vocals, present from 1970-84, time born on 1992-2016. Grace Slick performed vocals, keyboards, present in the band from 1970-78, born on 1981-84. Peter Kaukonen plays guitar, bass, been available from 1970-1974. Jack Casady played bass instruments, was active only in 1970, born 1992-2000. David Freiberg played keyboards, bass, guitar, synthesizer, vocals, 1974-84, 2005-present. Craig Chaquico plays guitar, synthesizer, vocals, 1974-84. John Barbata did drums, 1974-79. Marty Balin vocals, guitar, 1974-78, 1993-2008. Papa John Creach played violin, 1974-75, 1992-94. Pete Sears plays bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals, 1974-84. Steve Schuster plays saxophone, 1978-79. Mickey Thomas did vocals, 1979-84. Aynsley Dunbar performed drums, percussion, 1979-82. 

Jefferson starship venuesThe top five of Jefferson performance venues includesJefferson starship Au-Rene Theater.Jefferson starship Gordie Brown theatre Jefferson starship Harrah's theaterJefferson starship NYCB theater which is at Westbuy Jefferson starship Wellmont Theater.Upcoming events Friday 29 July 2016Jefferson Starship held at Gordie Brown Showroom, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USDare not to miss this event. It will be a memorable experience for first-timers and also a great one for the others.Thursday 04 August 2016Jefferson Starship in collaboration with Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and 1 otherVenue: St. George Theatre, Staten Island, NY, US. Almost everyone is looking forward to this event. Who are you to miss??Friday 05 August 2016Jefferson Starship in collaboration with Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and 1 otherVenue: NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury, NY, US Saturday 06 August 2016Jefferson Starship in collaboration with Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels, and 1 otherVenue: Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ, USSaturday 27 August 2016Jefferson StarshipVenue: R.J. Reynolds Auditorium, Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem, NC, USThursday 08 September 2016Jefferson StarshipVenue: Harrah's Casino Hotel Atlantic City, Atlantic City, NJ, USSunday 18 September 2016Jefferson Starship in collaboration with Rick Derringer, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and 1 otherVenue: Au-Rene Theater, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Going to party is a nice experience. But going for a Jefferson starship in Vegas performance can be thrilling. They are sure to take you to the next level in terms of music enthusiasm. You can go to a Jefferson starship performance singly, with someone on a date or even with friends and family. Whatever the instance, the performance will blow your mind completely. The jefferson starship band has made a name for its self as one of the best rock and roll bands in the world. Their performances are simply out of this world and you are sure to have a time of your life during these concerts. Try out any of their concerts and you will simply be amazed.

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