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Cage The Elephant Tickets

Cage the Elephant Las Vegas TicketsCage the Elephant Vegas Concert Tickets

The famous band Cage the Elephant Vegas just announced their tour dates in the United States of America, which also include an amazing performance at the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday 25th June, 2016 at 6.00 pm. If you happen to be in the city, don't miss the opportunity to see and dance up close with your favourite band. They will be joined by special guests Portugal. The mand and Twin Peaks. This tour of the grammy nominated rock band comes after the release of their 4th album under the tilet 'Tell me I'm Pretty', that was released in the market last December through RCA Records. This special album by the rock band topped up at No.3 on the Top Rock Albums and Albums charts.

The Cage The Elephant Vegas Show

The famous Cage the Elephant band never fails to deliver the most amazing and energetic shows that were ever performed live on stage. So, if you are a fun, you'll definetely won't be disappointed to hear them playing live. The Cage will blend hard rock music with danceable riffs, that will keep you out of your seat during their show. In fact, they are excellent showmen and always try to make it up close and personal. You will never get tired seeing them performing live on stage. The opening band will be great and the show will be an unforgettable one with a great performance. 

Famous albums and charts

The single 'Mess Around' topped recently at the alternative and radio charts (AAA). Actually it's their 6th Alterantive No1. oingin Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of only 7 bands with more thatn 5 No.1 of the Alternative chart.The album 'Tell me I'm Pretty' was made by D. Auerbach (the Black Keys) and the Arcs (Ray La Montagne, Lana Del Rey, the Arcs), mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine) and recorder in Nashville, TV and was released last December. In fact, this album consists of everything; from psychedelic to punk tunes. In fact, the album by the title Melophobia give a boost to the band. Their sophomore album 'Thank you Happy Birthday' made ti to No.2 at Top 200 at Billboard and it was actually one of the most impressive orck albums in many years, according to many critics. Their third album, ;Melophobia' that was released after the 'Thank you, Happy Birthday', which was debuted at No.2 on the Billboart at Top 200 has actually sold until today more thatn 250,000 copies worldwide.

Melophobia; the fear of music

On their third album 'Melophobia', which became a great success, the rock group needed to find a challenge of combining together their own thoughts and beliefs of 5 different people, who were thinking differently. After they toured around the world for about 5 years, the famous musicians of the rock band decided to spend some time off the road, in order to write each one individually their ideas. They got back together again in August 2012, compared their ideas, and began to work on their next album 'Melophobia' as a collective group. Each one of them, as you can understand, had his own visions of how he wanted the new record to be. In fact, they were pretty pollar, as the lead singer Matt Shultz admits. But it actually became quite a challenge for them to try to combine all the opposite ideas together in one piece. In fact, they started writing their first material of music songs, that had a very kind of familiar sound to it and was very intamte. Once it was recorded, it started to take its own shape. It was actually a unity of several different approaches and beliefs, but it turned out to be one of their best successes. In fact, this album has a wide range of collection of thoughtful rock songs. The album was written and recorded in one year, wih a number of various recording sessions, that took place in Nashville, at St. Charles Studio. with the producer Jay Joyce at St. Charles Studio, during the winter and spring time. Their approach was quite experimental and was based on the fact that you don't actually write a song, but instead you find it along the way.

The cage the elephant vegas band 
The band American rock band that was formed in 2006 for the first time in Kentucky and today represents the most vivid and explosive bands of the world. In fact, the players of the band have toured in many places around the world, sold many albums and performed in a number of shows, such as on the James' Corden Late Show, that took place last December. In addition, they also took part at the Tonight Show. The band consists of the lead vocalist Matt Shultz (singer), Brad Shultz (rhythm guitarist), Daniel Tichenor (bassist) and Jared Champion ( as a drummer). When this band was first formed, it was experimented on a blend of punk, rock and blues music tunes. But the big explosion of their success came with the single under the title 'Aint' No Rest for the Wicked', which released in 2008. Moreover, the band released a number of other success songes, like 'Shake Me Down' and 'Come a little Closer'.

Their separate ideas & beliefs

The band has sold over 550,000 copies until recently and spend about 73 weeks at the Billboard Top 200. In addition the rock and famous band made a number of tours around the globe, sold several albums in different countries and made a huge success worldwide. The members of the band believe that you evolve naturally as a single person and that you can apply things that you have learned over your life and combine them together. That's how they combined their pieces of music and made a success. In fact, as they believe sometimes you need to distance yourself from your comfort area, in order to find the place you were always ought to be.

So, take your chance to see them live performing in an amazing show in Las Vegas for once in your lifetime. You'll get the chance to hear all their hits and dance and sing with them your favourite sounds. Don't miss this great opportunity to see Cage the Elephant Vegas and see them performing for one night at 6.00 pm.


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