Bullet For My Valentine Tickets

Bullet for my valentine las vegas tickets

Bullet for My Valentine Las Vegas Tickets

To bring metal powerhouse music in full force, the United Kingdom based group Bullet for my valentine is coming to the United States. With fans having to wait a long time to have the now legendary band come, the British are now coming to fulfill their fans wishes. The tour, Bullet For My Valentine Las Vegas concert is in support for the bands fifth album “Venom” is part of the British invasion tour. The album has reached new heights by being named No.1 on hard rock albums and No.8 on top 200 charts. Securing their spot at the top with their third and fourth albums securing their top spots in the 200 charts. 

Special appearance in the Bullet For My Valentine Las Vegas concert is Asking Alexandria. Asking Alexandria’s second album the, “Reckless & Relentless, is noted as being the foundations of the group’s success on the mainstream as in 2011 which came 5th on billboard’s top 200. Asking Alexandria will perform with Bullet For My Valentine Las Vegas concert at Hard Rock Hotel on February 6th 2016, and we have tickets....

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Beginnings of the Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for My Valentine is a Welsh metal band hailing Bridgend that was created in 1998. The band is made up four heads of Matthew Tuck who is the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Michael Thomas based on drums, Michael Paget lead guitarist and backup vocals and Jamie Mathias bass guitarist. Bullet for My Valentine's came to the limelight with their debut album, The Poison, which was released in October 3rd 2005 and on February 14th in the United States matching with their name. Its release came with missed reactions as it entered at No. 128 in billboard’s top 200. In bullet or my valentine second album, Scream Aim Fire, which was released in April 26th 2008 spiked higher coming up to No 4 on the billboards top 200. Through its years of success, the band has reportedly sold over 5 million albums worldwide with 1 million albums being sold in the United States. Basically known as a contemporary metal band, the group describes itself both as a hard rock band with a lot of metal influences from the very first day ready to entertain fans far and wide. The band has since received a lot of praise for their effortlessly synchronized tracks, which have garnered a lot of fans from their conception stages. 

Concerts of the band

Fans of Bullet for My Valentine for a long time who have attended the bands tours, have more than kind words for the team. First timers get more than their fair share of excitement and shock as the arena stages are often completely packed. The concerts often start with warm up acts from different acts such as while she sleeps and Coldrain, which are always on point. The energy from the crowds then creeps in as the band introduces heavier metallic tracks, such as “Raising Hell” to the applause of fans who get more overwhelmed by the performances being introduced. While performing for hours on end, the band ensures that even during breaks the crowds are not lacking by bringing in solo performances rom each group member. Ending with well-known hit tracks that are known worldwide, the concerts end with the crowds chanting the band’s name, as the band performs to its much psyched up audiences. 

Past Performances

Performances of bullet to my heart are more than everyday concerts performed by many bands. When it comes to the whole arena color and flashing lights often make the venues seem to be flashing in and out of life. With the fans coming in with more lighting the whole outlook becomes like a daze, jumping to the beat if the recent concluded performance at the MGM Grand Resort Village is anything to go by. The first and admission area was reportedly packed before the first band motionless in white went up to the stage. The band ignoring the heat and hyping the crowds even more played their favorite tracks from “All these Things” and even “Scream Aim Fire”. Drowning the music in the process. After the break and stage changing to give chance for Bullet or my valentine to come up to stage, fans were in awe as the backdrops were being dropped portraying the bands insignia of the new album” Venom”. When it came to the actual performance the flowing of vocals were far from what it used to be. The uncontrollable screams and uncoordinated riff were missing to the delight of the crowd. Michael Thomas the lead drummer shook the crowd with his talented skills with similar sounds, with a great introduction from “Your Betrayal”. However this was just the start as and when Tuck took stage the band was ready to action. They looked in all ways ready for the greatest rock performance as they sounded loud and with great tuning. As always they did not disappoint with their now expected crowd surfing. This is usually done in their favorite tracks such as “No way out”. With the set progressing the adrenaline of the crowd, the band took the opportunity to play favorite tracks as expected from the audience, which they performed to everyone’s expectation. With solo performances during breaks by all member groups being given, Bullet for my valentine set the bar way up high for all heavy metal bands. As expected at the end of the performances all fans were either soaked in beer, bruised and adorning hoarse voices. To ask all who attended by far all concerts by the band are considered as the best concert, yet with all the after effects expected many are expecting to attend even more that involves Bullet for my valentine.

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