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Q: What is a "Broker"?

A: A Broker is defined as "one hired for a fee to negotiate purchases, contracts, or sales." A ticket broker does just that. There are people that want to sell their tickets and there are also people that want to buy those same tickets. There are 2 ways that a broker can do this. The broker can buy the tickets outright from the seller and hope that they can sell them. If the market drops or the tickets don't get sold the broker incurs the loss. The second way is the broker could take the tickets from the seller on consignment and keep a fee if they are sold. Either way a ticket broker puts the buyers and the sellers together for a fee.

 Q: Isn't it true that if it was not for all the ticket brokers that buy the tickets that there would be plenty of seats for the fans?

A: No. Ticket brokers generally have a very small percentage of seats to any event and it does not affect availability at all. Most shows that are sold out would not even come close to having enough seats for all the fans wanting to attend.

 Q: Don't ticket brokers purchase large blocks of tickets that are never offered to the public?

A: No. Most performers and sports teams assure that this does not happen. Promoters make sure that the tickets are not sold in advance and impose limits when they go on sale so that one person can not buy a large block. The tickets that brokers have available are usually purchased at the general public on sale a couple of seats at a time.


Q: How do we know that the tickets are genuine tickets?

A: By purchasing from a licensed ticket broker, you can be assured that we have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee that they are genuine. We verify all of our sources for tickets and only buy from those that are reliable.

 Q: What type of tickets do you carry?

A: We carry tickets anywhere from the first 10 rows for all music concerts and theatre events to seats on the 50-yard line, center court or the best box seats between the bases or on the ice.

 Q: Will I get a good seat?

A: A lot of factors come into play. Factors such as size of party, budget constraints, and availability will determine where you sit. Our desire is to place you where YOU want to be.

Q: How is my ticket pricing determined?

A: / Vegas Tickets & Events is not associated with any venue, theater, or ticketing company (such as Ticketmaster). As an independent business we charge face value for our tickets plus a service and handling fee. This service and handling fee does vary from event to event, and reflects the costs involved in obtaining quality seating for you, our customer. The additional fees vary per ticket based on many factors such as availability, desirability, difficulty in obtaining, and lead-time.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: You may place an order directly online or if you prefer to speak with a live representative, you can call us directly by calling us at 702-795-7880. We may also be reached by e-mail at

Q: Can I Return or Exchange My Tickets after Purchase?

A: Tickets have fluctuating and time sensitive value. Therefore, all sales are final once your order is confirmed. The only time a refund is permitted is if the event gets cancelled and no rescheduled date is set. In this case, only face value will be refunded and the service and handling fee will be applied, in deposit form, toward a future purchase. We do not permit refunds if a game or event is rescheduled, as you are responsible for the new date.

 Q: How do I know when my order is confirmed?

A: During normal business hours, a customer service representative will contact you either via telephone or email shortly after receiving your order to confirm that the tickets are available, your card has been charged and when to expect delivery. Both parties must confirm all orders within 48 hours.

Q: How are My Tickets Delivered?

A: Orders are shipped most commoly today as E tickets sent through emai. Occassionally they are sent via Federal Express standard overnight. Our shipping costs are clearly marked upon checkout and you can choose from delivery options there. We will only ship to the cardholder's billing address. On short notice events, pickup at our local office or courier delivery to your hotel is available for a nominal fee.

 Q: Are the tickets I am ordering in the exact location specified on your website?

A: We guarantee that we will ship you the ticket specified on your order form unless we contact you with other options and receive authorization from you. We reserve the right to upgrade seating at no additional cost; however, we will contact you to let you know if this happens when we process your order. All tickets are together and in the same row unless specified different. All orders are confirmed via email and/or telephone so that you know exactly when to expect the tickets to arrive.

 Q: Is it legal to sell tickets for more than face value?

A: Yes. We comply with local and state laws and public policy in all states in which business is processed. If may require a license in certain states; however, we are actually selling you a ticket at the normal face value plus a service and handling fee. As previously explained, the price of a ticket will include the costs incurred in locating that ticket. These costs are all in addition to the face price printed on a ticket. For some events, the final price of a ticket may be equal to or only a few dollars more than the face price. For specific laws and policies in your area, please contact your local government. Delivery restrictions and proof of residency may be required to ensure compliance.

 Q: Can I order tickets in advance for an event?

A: Yes. You can place a deposit for any event in advance. This will secure your place at the top of the list to ensure you have the best selection of tickets available.

 Q: Will you buy my extra tickets?

A: Yes. / Vegas Tickets & Events will pay you face value plus a service and handling fee for your extra tickets. We also have a consignment program. (Please call 702-795-7880)

 Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes. You can purchase a gift certificate for any event anywhere.




















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