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Tony N' Tina's Wedding Vegs Show TicketsTony N Tina's Wedding Las Vegas Show Tickets

Are you ready for Tony N' Tina's Wedding Show in Las Vegas? In fact, no show in Vegas can be compared to Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding. The show will happen at Bally’s Las Vegas. The show is hilarious and creates the most exciting and funniest wedding experience ever. Every performance of Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding brings fun that is unique to each show. Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding characters are fantastic and will give the most memorable experience. Complete the show with wedding cake, Italian dinner, and fun moments of the actual wedding. What are you waiting? In fact, this is high time you prepare to witness the most exciting Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Vegas.

Why go to Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Las Vegas

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Vegas is the Italian American wedding that you should attend. If this is your first time, get ready to experience the most thrilling wedding date ever. Do you want to meet with veteran actors? The actors of Tony N’ Tina’s magical wedding night have been performing in the show for over 10 years. In fact, Tony N’ Tina have walked down the aisle for over 3300 times. Therefore, this is your time to experience the reloaded Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Las Vegas. The show is very exciting as you will never know what to expect the audience are allowed to participate. Therefore, the characters in the show usually react to the audience. So do miss this show as you will get a chance to influence the actors. The improved interaction of the actors and audience makes the show invaluable. In fact, some actors are placed within the audience, so it hard to tell who is the cast member or who is the audience. This is the time you will sit back, enjoy your dinner and experience the wildest wedding ever.

Not forgetting the number of guests in Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show; you will be among the 500,000 people attending the show. The arena will be filled with laughter, great music, love and delicious food.

Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Vegas is amazing!

The Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding is the most unpredictable show in Vegas. You cannot be sure about the outcome of the show as it 's hard to distinguish between guests and actors. The show’s director, Larry Pellegrini is the person who ensures the show comes to life in Las Vegas. If the show has been played in over 40 states in the United States, don’t you think it is amazing?

Since the introduction of the show 22 years ago, it has garnered positive reviews from all the great publications such as New York Times and Glamour magazine. The audience begins their evening with the Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show followed by a warm reception hosted by Vinnie Black. Afterward, the audience will enjoy Wedding cake, Italian dinner, and great music.

Dress code for Tony N' Tina's Wedding show Vegas

There is no specific dress code for Tony N’ Tina’s shows. In the show, you will see people wearing shorts, t-shirts, jeans, business casual wear and formal wear. No matter how you dress, you will see people wearing the dressed as you are; other casually dressed than you and other formally dressed than you. Since there are no restrictions on dress code, you should wear whatever you find comfortable.

Should I wear my old bridesmaid wedding dress? This is a question that is boggling the mind of those want to attend Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show for the first time. If you have desired to wear your wedding dress again, then this show is the perfect place to do that.


People who have attended Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show in Vegas have a lot of stories to tell about the show. Most of them say that show was the most memorable experience in their life. In fact, some even say the Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show exceeded their expectations. One individual who attended the show thought it was the ordinary show where the actors come to stage and audience are seated. However, he was surprised to learn later that he was seated next to the actor who he was the guest. It does not stop here, and he got a chance to interact with the actor. All he can say about the Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show is “It was the most memorable experience in my life.”

When it comes to dressing code of the show, we cannot miss gathering some views about individuals who attended the show. One woman says that she was surprised to see people all sort of clothes at the Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show. She thought that only casual clothes were allowed in the show. In fact, she came to learn later that there were no regulations on the dressing code in the show. This is what she said, “Next time I come to Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show Vegas, I will wear my formal clothes.”

On the other hand, men who have attended the show are happy about the dressing code in the Tony N' Tina's Wedding show Vegas. One man who went there in shorts and t-shirt was afraid that he be the only person wearing the type of clothes. However, he was surprised to see that there were hundreds of colleagues wearing shorts and t-shirts. All he can say is “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show Las Vegas is the place to be, never miss the show.”

“I went there thinking it was just an ordinary show,” one man said. The man was amazed by the food offered at the show. In fact, he had never had a chance to taste the Italian dinner. “Moreover, the wedding cake at Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show was mouth-watering,” the man said. “If you have never attended Tony N’ Tina’s show in Vegas, what are you waiting?’’ he continued to say.


Tony N' Tina's Wedding show Vegas is one the most exciting shows in the United States. In fact, you should plan to attend this season’s show. Besides being affordable, Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding show will provide you with the most memorable experience. One of the most exciting things is to attend the show with your beloved wife or husband. The show will bring back the memories of your wedding day. How about if you are not married? Tony N' Tina's Wedding show Vegas will be the best place to be. 



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