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Steven Tyler Las Vegas Concert TicketsSteven Tyler Vegas Concert Tickets

Legendary Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler is coming to Las Vegas for a big solo show. He will be performing at the Venetian on July 2. This big Steven Tyler Vegas show is expected to be one of the most highly anticipated concerts coming to the city this year. This show will bring his fans a closer look into his music and what has made him such a unique and imposing figure in the history of rock music. It particularly looks into his many pitfalls and the struggles of his life and how he has been able to move forward even through everything that has come about throughout his entire life.

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Who Is Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler is one of the most iconic vocalists in rock music history. He has performed as the lead singer of Aerosmith for close to forty years. Tyler started writing music for Aerosmith in the late 1960s and was heavily inspired by blues artists from the past in his work. Over the years the lineup for Aerosmith has changed and many members have come and gone but Tyler continues to remain the constant in the band. He has become an icon in rock music history and today the Venetian is proud to have him as one of the newest performers to come out to the city.

Who Inspires Him?

There are many artists from the past that inspired Tyler in his work over the years. He was inspired by various blues artists and singers and has even released some albums in the past where he covers various songs from these legendary figures. He was also inspired by many stars of early rock and roll. In fact, much of his desire to be a rock music star came from when he saw the Rolling Stones in concert in the mid-1960s. The mu sic that Tyler grew up on has been important to his life and has inspired much of what he has done with music over the years. This exciting solo show will highlight his work and his music from Aerosmith and how these many inspirations in his life have impacted the music that he performs today.

An Exciting Story

The big Steven Tyler Vegas show will be part of his current Out On a Limb tour. This is his big tell-all tour where he talks about his life and his musical history. He talks throughout the show about the many things that influenced him throughout the years. He will talk about how he was brought up to learn how to play the piano while also talking about his musical history from his ancestry up to the present. He will look back at his parents’ musical ancestry in Italy to the many artists that inspired him over the years. These include not only legendary blues artists but also a number of classic Nashville country musicians. Of course, many of his greatest Aerosmith hits will be included.

Tyler Stays Open

One of the greatest parts of the show is that Steven Tyler is willing to be open about his entire life throughout the show. He talks about all the tribulations that he has been through over the years including many of his struggles with drug use, pressures with his band and how he and Aerosmith have been able to persist through it all. He also talks about his upbringing and what got him to where he is. The work that he has done over the years has been very influential and he is proud to share his backstory with fans at the Venetian.

What Has His Show Featured?

The Out On a Limb tour has been going around part of the country in recent time with a big show recently having been held at the Lincoln Center in New York. Directed by filmmaker Brett Ratner, his show featured a variety of different songs from throughout his career. These include a number of solo works that he has made over the years and a variety of songs from various classic artists. Of course, there are plenty of great Aerosmith songs that can be heard throughout the entire show. This show offers some of the most intricate looks into Tyler’s career and his influences.

A Full Band Is Performing

Tyler will be backed during his show by his Nashville-based band Loving Mary. The band has been performing with Tyler throughout his entire tour and will bring the sounds of Nashville, the Memphis blues scene and the New York rock scene together into one memorable show. The excitement of the show will certainly be even greater thanks to the memorable performances that they bring alongside Tyler’s great vocals. His vocal performances continue to amaze people to this day as he clearly shows the strong emotion and power that he holds in his music. Loving Mary certainly adds to the style as the band performs some of his greatest hits impeccably as well as many classics from other artists who shaped his life. Their work will certainly make the concert all the more memorable.

Where Will It Be Held?

The big show will be held at the Venetian Theatre at the famous Venetian casino and resort. The Venetian is known for being one of the most high-end resorts around Las Vegas while the Venetian Theatre has hosted many of the world’s most popular performers over the years. The Venetian is proud to bring Steven Tyler in as the latest in the many great names that the theater has hosted over the years.

An Exciting Show

The upcoming Steven Tyler show at the Venetian in Las Vegas will certainly be a great show for fans of music to look forward to. The show will bring the world of his music to Las Vegas as people will learn about his many great stories and the history of his work. This will certainly be one of the most entertaining and thrilling shows for people to watch for in Las Vegas this year. Fans of his work and the music of Aerosmith will certainly want to check out this show on July 2.

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