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Academy of Country Music Awards Tickets

Academy of Country Music Awards TicketsAcademy of Country Music Awards Tickets Las Vegas

The ACMA (Academy of Country Music Awards) is a renowned musical event dedicated to celebrating existing and emerging talents in country music. Like the VMAs and BETs, ACMA is another fantastic event hosted every year in honor of country music. It is in fact country music’s biggest party-of-the-year and you can meet some of the famous celebrities and icons in the genre. From favorite radio presenters to singers and bands, legends and emerging artists, ACMA is the place to be if you love country music. In 2019, the event goes to Las Vegas on Sunday April 7th. If you love country music, you will rue missing out on this event as the atmosphere is already building up and some big names have already been associated with either production or performance. Academy of Country Music Awards April 7th Vegas should be marked boldly on your calendar.


The venue – T-Mobile Arena
As aforementioned, this year’s event will go to Las Vegas. Although this will not be the first time the event is hosted in the city of Vegas, it will be for the venue. 2017 ACMA is set to go down at the T-Mobile Arena for the first time and it will be aired live on the CBS network. T-Mobile Arena is one of the newest in the city of Las Vegas, located between New York City and Monte Carlo on the Las Vegas Strip. It is a 20,000 seat arena that was opened on April 6th 2016 and expected to host over 100 different major events every year. Some of the events you can expect to be hosted on this large arena include awards shows, major headline entertainment, UFC, basketball, boxing and other sports events, special events and family shows among others. This new Vegas landmark is fully equipped to host the 52nd ACMA and features some 50 luxury suites, more than two dozen private-loge-boxes, complete modern broadcasting facilities and elite hospitality offerings as well as fan amenities. Just adjacent to the arena is Toshiba Plaza which offers additional 2 acres for outdoor entertainment. It features large video screens, performance stages and interactive displays for content. Be among the first 20,000 people to attend the first ACMA event at T-Mobile Arena this April. It may take a long time for the event to return to this amazing stadium.


Academy of Country Music Awards April 2nd Vegas will feature various exciting performances and unexpected collaborations as well as moments of surprise. Although some have already been announced, more will be told in the coming months as we draw near to the d-day. You can also watch out for “The-Week-Vegas-Goes-Country” for more details on that specific feature and ACMA. A few executive producers like Tiffany Moon and Pete Fisher have already been named to join the existing producers (Allen Shapiro, R.A. Clark, Mike Mahan, Mark Bracco and Barry Adelman). This will be the 52nd ACMA event hosted to celebrate emerging talents and some of the biggest names in country music. If you have been to any ACMA event in the past years, then you will agree that no country music event can beat the experience. Apart from the main event, various after parties are organized to keep the exhilarating momentum up until sunrise. It is a night-long fun-full show that will kick-start at T-Mobile and spread to other local clubs and hangouts in Las Vegas. If you cannot attend the show for any reason, remember to tune into CBS television network and watch the live event from wherever you are in the world. The adjacent Toshiba Plaza will host other live performances on their stages and display some of your favorite country music on the large screens.


Watch out for new developments!
The Academy of Country Music Awards April 2nd Vegas is set to go down in two months and the scene is only starting to build up. In the coming weeks, expect more announcements, shocker, performances and guest invitations and presenters named to grace the event. As you prepare for the biggest country music party in the calendar, keep following the event on social media and official websites for more updates. You can also lookup updates from T-Mobile for insights on what to anticipate in this major music event. All roads head to the arena on Sunday 2nd April 2017 for the best night of pure country music niceness!

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