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Wicked Tickets

Wicked Tickets Las VegasWicked Tickets Vegas

Las Vegas is often associated with the Wicked, being known as Sin City it is difficult not to be. But, for a brief moment again in 2014, Wicked will have a new meaning, as the touring production of the Broadway sensation with Elphaba, Glinda, Madame Morrible, and the Wizard will be on stage at the Smith Center in Las Vegas October 8th thru November 9th. Broadway series coming through the city, from August 8 to October 7,

The story of a green girl finding herself at university, reaching her potential and making new friends in the face of oppression is a pretty powerful one. Frankly, Wicked the Musical has been the best-selling production on Broadway for six years and one of the two best for seven. Stephen Schwartz’ adaptation of Gregory Maguire’s decidedly darker book, Wicked: the Life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West, had everything a successful run in the theater needed.

It has great, catchy songs reaffirming the personal growth of the heroine. It has the unexpected love interest blooming between a bad boy with little ambition and a girl unsure of her place in the world. It had an unlikely friendship between the social queen bee and the very same girl. It had humor sprinkled throughout to give the plot some levity.

However, the reason Wicked will go down as one of the greatest musicals of all time is because this story truly has a soul, one developed organically and not forced by use of anthropomorphism or through an obvious family tragedy. This musical takes a classic, The Wizard of Oz, and turns it on its head, forcing us to look at the Wicked Witch of the West and to re-evaluate how we operate in real life. This is the reason Schwartz is considered a master musical playwright with a terrific sense for composition. This is the reason fans will be lining up around the building clutching Wicked Tickets to see a touring production.

They will be watching a great cast as well. Jackie Burns has shown as Elphaba/The Wicked Witch of the West, Chandra Lee Schwartz has excelled as Glinda/Galinda, Randy Danson has impressed as Madame Morrible, and Mark Jacoby has stolen scenes as the Wizard.

Wicked Theater Tickets Vegas

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