V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass Tickets

Do you need to be treated like VIP in Las Vegas city? Then look no further as V card is the ultimate nightclub pass that grants you access to top Bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, and ultra lounges is Las Vegas. With a swipe of this powerful card, you will taste the Las Vegas nightclub that you will not find in any other place. 

V Card: The Vegas Nightclub PassV Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass Tickets

Are you looking for hottest spots to party in the Las Vegas city? Then this is the card you have been looking for to allow you experience the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Gain VIP access to top nightclubs like Tao at the Venetian, Marquee at the Cosmopolitan, and Chateau at Paris, and much more. Also, use V card to gain entry to ultra lounges such as Voodoo Lounge at Rio, Ghostbar at the Palms, and more.

During the summer, you will want to access pool parties. But how can you access the top pool parties in Las Vegas? V card nightclub pass will allow you gain VIP access to pool parties such as Tao Beach at Venetian, Rehab at The Hard Rock, and Azure at Palazzo. If you are looking for adult entertainment, V card will help you skip long lines at popular strip clubs like little Darlings, Sapphire, Treasures, Cheetahs, and the Hustlers club. 

The V card gives you instant VIP access to hottest clubs in Las Vegas with no cover. Moreover, it should be noted that Las Vegas Nightclub Pass does not expire. In fact, you don’t have to wait in long lines to access the hot Nightclub and finally reach the reception only to find that they charge inflated cover charge. However, you can gain VIP status to some of the top Ultra Lounges, Nightclubs, Bars, strip clubs, and pool parties. Use this magical Las Vegas nightclub pass to enjoy the life in the sin city. 

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V Card Las Vegas package review 

V card Las Vegas provides a nightclub-hopping package. Many people may ask if the V card is worth its cost. If you enjoy hopping from one club to another, you require a V card Las Vegas nightclub pass. For a very low price and one card, you can visit some nightclubs, pool parties, and strip clubs in the city. However, you are allowed to hop to 3 venues of your choice. In this case, V card saves you a lot of time and money while allowing you to enjoy the best nightclub in Las Vegas city. 

V card Las Vegas Pros

V card is the best thing you will ever have in Las Vegas city. If offers numerous advantages that include; 

• Free access to about 50 bars, ultra lounges, pools and strip clubs in Las Vegas city. 

• Affordable as compared to the cover charge applicable to most Las Vegas clubs.

• VIP Access, which helps you, avoids lines in most Las Vegas nightclubs.

• Transferable- you can easily give this card to your family members or friends to use it on Las Vegas nightclubs. 

• Free transportation- you will enjoy free limo transportation to any strip club of your choice. 

V card Las Vegas Cons

• The card does not work on the main holidays for particular night clubs. 

• The card does not work during in some night clubs if a famous person is performing in the show. 

• Limited choice – unfortunately, you cannot visit all night clubs with V card Las Vegas nightclub pass. 

Do women need V card Las Vegas nightclub pass?

In most cases, women do get into the club free of charge. However, in the company of men, women are recommended to get the card, so they don’t have to wait in line while men are already in. If you are a woman and traveling with other women, you will not need the V card. 

V card limitations

Each lounge, club and pool have different rules and regulations. The rules of entry are written on the pass. However, the general limitations of the V card pass include;

• Fully clothed when entering the pool 

• Proper dress code is mandatory for each club

• Arrival by own vehicle or free shuttle offered by the club. Arriving at the club by taxi will terminate the free entry offer. 

• Time restrictions- some clubs will not allow the use of card beyond a certain time. 

Customer opinion 

Most users who have used the V card Las Vegas nightclub pass are satisfied and say that it is the best thing they had ever have in their lives. In fact, the Card has allowed them to gain entry to some of the top night clubs in Las Vegas City. In fact, most of the users say that the card is cheaper means of enjoying the nightclub in Las Vegas. 

However, some few customers are not happy with the limitations associated with the V card Las Vegas night club pass. Dress code is what makes most of them unhappy the V card. 

Final verdict on V card Las Vegas Nightclub Pass 

If you are new to Las Vegas, you may not know that getting into the night club is very expensive. Under normal circumstances, men will be required to pay a lot of money to enjoy the nightclub. Fortunately, women are very lucky are they are required to pay less and often get into the club for free. 

The v card is very helpful, but it has some few limitations on entry to some night clubs. However, these shortcomings should not worry you as you can always overcome them. For instance, the dress code is something you can always cope with. All the information regarding the usage of the V card Las Vegas nightclub pass if written at the back of the card. 

If you are the person who loves hopping from a night club to another, this card will become your best companion. Moreover, the passes are valid as long the clubs are still participating in the program. Therefore, you can use this card repeatedly in your preferred night club. 

In conclusion, this nightclub pass is very helpful if you are planning to have ultimate clubbing experience in Las Vegas nightclubs. 



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