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Young talent always brings something fresh to the table of life, and this is exactly what Tommy Wind does. A young magician in his twenties, Tommy Wind is certainly one who has achieved a remarkable amount of fame for a person of his age. Tommy often performs in Las Vegas, and if the turn out for his shows is anything to go by, these shows are nothing short of thrilling. Tommy is not only a gifted illusionist, but he is also a musical prodigy. He can play a wide range of musical instruments, but is especially good with the piano and drums. He has perfected the art of blending music into his magic, and the end result is a great show full of laughter and tons of fun.

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A Biography of Tommy Wind
Tommy Wind was born on the 5th of May, 1990, in Staten Island in New York City. He is 26 years old now. His interest in magic was sparked by his grandfather when he was only seven years old. The trick that set him on the path of magic was the vanishing hanky trick. When he learnt how to perform that trick, he never looked back, and became exceedingly passionate about learning every trick he could. 

He used every opportunity he laid his hands on to advance his skills. Aided by books and by watching other magicians in their shows, Tommy picked up a lot and steadily bettered his tricks and mastery of magic. Perhaps the only other thing that rivaled his passionate desire to become a famous magician someday was his equally great love for music. This however never hampered his intention to become better at magic; if anything, it served to compliment his goal. Blending music with his magic was something that set him apart from many other magicians, especially because he could combine both to make his shows so uniquely good.

Tommy can play a remarkable number of musical instruments with amazing dexterity. He demonstrates outstanding talent when playing the electric guitar, the piano, the harmonic and the violin. But perhaps the instrument that he plays the best is the drum. His dedication to use music to flatter his magic shows has paid off in a huge way because he is by far the only magician who can so effectively use the two to thoroughly entertain his audience.

Long before he got his world- famous status, Tommy had been performing in numerous shows across the country. He has been all over New York City, Atlantic City in New Jersey, and of course, Las Vegas in Nevada. He is in fact the youngest magician to ever perform in Las Vegas, a record that he holds to date. 

Tommy has also had his fair share of screen time. He has been featured in television shows such as Criss Angel’s Mind freak, and NBC’s I do! This young man has certainly gone places with his talent, but it seems as though his journey has only began. With the kind of determination and talent he exhibits, there is certainly no telling how far he will go.

Tommy Wind’s shows
So you may be wondering: with all this hype about magic and music, are Tommy’s shows really worth the effort? If you have a sense of humor and a liking for fun, then the answer is a definite yes. Tommy’s very personality and humorous nature are reason enough for anyone to attend his shows. Combine a humorous show host and an accomplished illusionist, and you will have trouble finding any other show better than this one. Better still, add music to the mix and you have an unforgettable evening of immense fun and thorough enjoyment.

You could be the most practical person on earth who has absolutely no interest in magic, and Tommy would successfully woo you into accepting that there is beauty in magic without putting too much effort into it. A trick or two performed on you might send you into fits of laughter, and is there anything that spells entertaining better?

Tommy seeks to interact fully with his audience, and this makes his shows all the more lively. The Tommy Wind Show Vegas is often accompanied by large scale illusions which once lifted leave the audience dumbstruck at Tommy’s ingenuity. He really is a genius in as far as being an illusionist is concerned, and he can perform any number of mind boggling tricks to the amazement of his audience. 

Beyond the scope of illusions, Tommy also incorporates mentalism and martial arts into his shows, much to the pleasure of his audience. He also has a great sense of humor, which makes him all the more entertaining. Tommy Wind Show Vegas is definitely a must- attend for anyone who intends to have a fun filled evening.

These shows are also ideal for whole families, because literally everyone can identify with the jokes and the tricks. They are certainly a treat for your family that will keep them thanking you for it in addition to begging to be taken to another such show. So the next time you are stuck at home in the evening contemplating on how to make time move faster so that you can be relieved of boredom, attending a Tommy Wind Show Vegas might just be what you need to do. You would be pardoned to believe that someone has bewitched the clocks to move faster because time seems to fly twice as fast when you are at Tommy’s shows.

One of the greatest highlights of Tommy’s career was when in October of 2009, he was named the Best Teen Magician of the Year by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. For him, this was a dream come true, and yet no one deserved that award better than he did owing to the great effort he was putting into making his shows the best. He has received numerous other awards in recognition and appreciation of his talent, dedication and determination. He has once been named magician of the year by World Magic Awards, which is no mean achievement for a person of his age. Tommy knows how to keep an audience entertained, and you really should purpose to attend his Vegas shows for an evening filled with fun and laughter.

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