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The Summerland Tour Concert is a show that takes place in a lot of cities, particularly in the United States of America. It was started by Art Alexakis who is the principal guitarist and vocalist of the popular band, Everclear. He thought it would be good to give fans a chance to see their favorite rock bands performing on one stage, singing their major hits. Over the years, the Summerland Tour Concert has been organized in different cities and has highlighted a number of bands over the years like Soul Asylum, Eve 6, Marcy Playground, The Treadies, Filter, Everclear and Sugar Ray. Some of these bands have performed during more than one year. Moreover, these bands are known to perform their key hits especially those that rocked the world in the 1990’s, considered the decade where great music was made and people really knew what kind of music to make. For the residents of Las Vegas or visitors around, luck is on your side as the Summerland Tour Concert is coming to the ever lively city, Las Vegas, the home of entertainment on the 12th day of August 2016.

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The concert
The venue of the summerland tour in Vegas is the Downtown Las Vegas Center Stage. This place is large enough to fit a large number of people so you do not have any excuse not to attend the show. To add onto that, there are many places where one can eat or have a drink first before attending the summerland tour in Vegas near the Downtown Las Vegas Centre Stage. Moreover, the show is open to all, irrespective of age, race or color; no major restrictions will be placed as all you have to do is pay and enjoy your night. On that note, the concert is not a free one as people are expected to pay an entrance fee through tickets.

The show is to start at 7pm and last for about four hours. However, the show may last up to midnight depending on the circumstances. This is more than enough time for a concert that is meant to be really captivating. The doors will be open an hour before the concert officially kicks off. However, the earlier you arrive, the better your chance of getting a good spot next to the stage. The artists will be performing live and not through pre-recorded songs. This will give the audience a chance to engage with the artists as they perform.

You may take photos of yourself and your loved ones having fun but it may be prohibited to record videos to curb the issue of privacy and also for copyright purposes. Flash photography may also be limited especially if you are near the stage as the light may distract the performers.

Bands performing
This year, the Summerland Tour Concert has one of the best combinations of rock bands it has ever done, with four marvelous bands that are meant to keep you locked all night. Even the organizers themselves believe that they have really outdone themselves this time round as they tried to put the crème de la crème of bands all over the world on a solitary stage. These bands are definitely going to blow out the minds of the attendees of the concert. The bands that will be performing are Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit and Sponge.

Everclear is one of the first bands that ever performed in the Summerland Tour Concerts. This band is so good that they have received a number of awards for their music in addition to their albums going platinum. They have sold over a million copies of their albums. Sugar Ray band is another exceptional band that has really raised the standards of rock music with their music. This is seen particularly in their hit song, Hit that has received a lot of airplay over the years. Moreover, there is the Lit Band that was formed in Orange County in the city of California and has many talented artists. The fourth one, Sponge originates from Detroit; this band is so big and has been recognized by so many people including big time bands such as Nickelback and Guns N’ Roses. With this grouping of bands, can the night get any better?

Why you should attend

To enjoy yourself
First things first, it is going to be a fun night as you are going to witness the rock bands performing, you can even sing along to their songs. Moreover, you are probably going to meet a few new people as there are going to be so many people present at the concert. Over the years, Summerland Tour Concert has known to record a large attendance so the summerland tour in Vegas should be no worse as many people are expected. 

You are guaranteed of security. This is one big concert that has tight security and you therefore need not to worry about losing your items unless you do not take care of them well. With security systems and security agents, any security threat will be eliminated even before you notice.

Photos and autographs
At the end of the concert, you can take pictures with your favorite artists and even have them sign your autographs. These are memories that are going to last for a very long time and you will never regret attending the concert. Furthermore, you can purchase their albums at the concert venue and listen to their songs at home.

Saving costs
You get to see different bands performing but pay for them as one concert. On the other hand, if you had gone to the concerts of the different artists, you would have definitely paid more. It is like four concerts combined into one. Would anyone really reject such an offer?

The summerland tour in Vegas is definitely a concert that one should not miss especially if you are in Las Vegas as it brings your favorite rock bands to you and gives you the opportunity for you to attend a concert that has many artists performing at once. You can bring your friends or some family members along and enjoy a night like no other. Do not be the laughter stock of your friends when they tell you stories of how they enjoyed the night at the summerland tour in Vegas; mark the date on your calendar and attend the greatest concert that is and will be.

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