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REO Speedwagon Tickets

REO Speedwagon Las Vegas TicketsREO Speedwagon Vegas Concert Tickets

The group was founded in 1968 by two students of the UIC, Neal Doughty (keyboards) and Alan Gratzer (drums). After guys graduated they met with the unknown to anyone in those times manager Irving Azoff (later famous for his work with the "Eagles" and "Steely Dan"). Irwin organized the first tour of the group of the US Midwest. In the early 70's in the "REO SPEEDWAGON" on a regular basis also includes guitarist Gary Richrath, bass-guitarist Gregg Philbin and singer Terry Luttrell. This composition released in 1971 on "Epic Records" his debut album. The first vinyl pancake was lumpy and Luttrell being upset left the team. He was replaced by folk singer and guitarist Kevin Cronin, who had virtually no experience in rock and roll.


The second plate was not much better than the first, and Kevin was shown the door. Another frontman "Reo speedwagon" began Mike Murphy, which debuted on the album "Ridin 'the Storm Out". This CD is the first release of the group, who are in billboard's charts.

Murphy participated in the recording of two albums, but was not able to bring the team to a new level. Instead of having to take someone's new, the team once again invited to her Cronin. In 1976, the group also has a new bassist Bruce Hall. Success began to emerge when the "Reo speedwagon" have found their niche by starting to perform melodic rock ballads, so like a girl. The resulting album in 1976 already enjoyed good demand, but the following two records received platinum status. Although the "Nine Lives" also sold well and the group slowly progressed, there were no signs of such blockbuster release what turned out to be a disc in 1980 "Hi Infidelity".


The album contained hits like "Keep on Loving You", "Do not Let Him Go" and "Take it on the Run", during 1981 continually sounding in the air. As a result, it has been sold more than 9000000 copies of the records, and "Reo speedwagon" acquired the status of the headliners.


The next two albums continued collective success with hits "Good Trouble", "Wheels are Turnin ''," Keep the Fire Burnin "and" Can not Fight this Feeling ", but by 1987 there has been a decline in the team and drive the work of" Life As We Know It "did not contain a decent tracks. The team started dismantling, as a result of which the team left Richrath and Gratzer. New participants steel guitarist Dave Amato, who previously worked with Ted Nugent, and drummer Bryan Hitt (ex-" Wang Chung ")." Reo speedwagon "continued releasing records, but the interest in this kind of music on the decline. only in the late 90's old bands became popular again, and only then the team pulled to the fullest, giving concerts with such orchestras as the" Styx "," Fleetwood Mac "," Foreigner "," Journey "," Lynyrd Skynyrd "," Bad Company ".


In the 90s it was issued several compilations of various "Reo speedwagon". At the beginning of the new millennium, came as two live.


Album in 1990, The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken, received no recognition, and concerts the band had quite a few, and then only in the US Midwest. Label Epic Records broke contract with the group. In 1996 came the album Building the Bridge, the title song is like a candidate for US President Bill Clinton. Clinton made it the anthem of his campaign. After defeating Clinton invited the musicians to the party, devoted to the presidential inauguration. In 1996, REO performed with Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac, in 1997 with Foreigner and Peter Frampton. Also in the group were joint tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company. In 1998 he published a collection The Ballads, composed of the best ballad on the theme of love, including the «Time for Me to Fly», «Keep on Loving You», «Can not Fight This Feeling», and two new songs - «Just for You »and« Till the Rivers Run Dry ».


In 2000 he toured with Styx team. In 2001 he published a transmission channel VH-1 Behind The Music, which dealt with the history of the group. In the same year we came out of CD and DVD Group. concerts were organized in 65 cities. After the terrorist attack on the building of a shopping center in New York, the band decided to cancel the concert in Salt Lake City. Later, the group took part in charity concerts Rock to the Rescue with Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bad Company. 

In 2007, the band released a new album, Find Your Own Way Home. Speaking on the same stage with Pat Benatar, the group announced it would be re-released their best album Hi Infidelity. REO Speedwagon concert activity continues to this day, doing most of their classic hits. REO Speedwagon also recorded a joint single with the band Styx «Can not Stop Rockin '», he was released in March 2009, along with REO Speedwagon tour group attended 38 Special. In November 2009, REO Speedwagon released a Christmas album Not So Silent Night ... Christmas with REO Speedwagon. online video game Find Your Own Way Home was released on December 2, 2009. The game is the first casual game, it was produced by the group itself and approved by many newspapers, including the New York Times, calling the game the best innovative product in the music.


The cult rock band REO Speedwagon brings classic hits to Las Vegas. REO Speedwagon will present their never-to-be-forgotten songs at The Orleans Showroom on November 19-20. The current team composition includes founder Neal Doughty, soloist Kevin Cronin, guitarist Dave Amato, bassist Bruce Hall, and drummer Bryan Hitt.


You can only hope that every fan of REO Speedwagon in Vegas has the same experience. You can see them at night when they are playing to a packed house.


Suddenly the lights go out, and then stood up. The group always gets what seemed 30 minutes of applause, and then it was show time. The group is open to "Take it on the run". Also, they always play "Do not let him go". Two favorite back to back. Night continues just like that, Hit after Hit.


Everybody feel like a dream slip one song to another. They play songs from the 70's and 80's are seamlessly reminding the audience of his prolific career.


There are not many bands who wrote and composed many wonderful songs. If you want to see them live, consider yourself lucky, because you will see one of the best live bands in rock 'n' roll.

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