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Recycled Percussion Vegas Show TicketsRecycled Percussion Las Vegas Show Tickets

Those complicated, well tuned, expensive and fragile musical instruments stand pitched against buckets and tools: which music is better? We are talking about the band Recycled Percussion. Well known for creating music out of recycled trash pieces, tools, tin buckets and other things, Recycled Percussion is a popular band from Manchester, New Hampshire. With their back to back hit performances on America's got Talent in 2009, they made their 'junk rock music' a national as well as worldwide phenomenon. Junk rock music has become synonymous with the band. 

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History and Rise
Looking back at their unimportant history, the band was formed in 1994 by its members for a talent show organised at their High schools. No wonder they won. Soon they started their performances on stages and schools. The band mixed music from buckets and tools, during every show and it became like a signature for them. This gave rise to junk music, that is, the music created out of the junk. The band, Recycled Percussion has gained a worldwide recognition for this genre of music and played over 4000 shows and 400 corporate events in about 15 countries. Apart from this, the group has made guest appearances in shows like china's got Talent, Carson Daly, Latin Grammy Awards, got featured on the cover of American magazines, like USA Today, and also voted National Act of the Year for six times and made a record. It was 2010 when the band performed in Las Vegas as they sealed their deal with MGM Grand to have their own shows organized and were on top of the headlines. The band took 2013 by their stormy performances, with a completely new energy level and new performance elements. Since then, Recycled Percussion continue to bring their junk rock music to Las Vegas Strip nightly at the quad resort and casino. 

Members of the band The band consist of Justin Spencer who founded the band for the high school musical show. He is also the lead percussionist. Justin Spencer wanted a creative collaboration. Inspired by the new York style of street Percussion, he considered the idea of playing buckets which he was introduced to in the subways of New York city. With the buckets, he added many more elements to their shows, thus expanding the original style of New York street percussion. The other lead percussionist is Ryan Vezina. The other members of the group are Matt bowman, who is the guitarist and Jason Davies who is a DJ and percussionist. 

History and tours
As soon as they were featured on the cover of the famous American magazine, USA Today in 1999, they took off to touring many countries and performing as many as 10 shows in a year, breaking all records. Then they performed at many colleges and corporate events which made them more popular. After having toured for 10 years, they made their television debut through America's got Talent and finished third in the show. 

Shows in Las Vegas
Having gained national exposure from America's got Talent, there opened many doors of opportunity for the group and they began to sign deals with various companies. Having joined with Jerry Springer for America's got Talent, the band also performed for three months at the Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, where they earned a loyal fan following and for one month in MGM Grand. Besides that, they signed a deal with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to have their own show. They ran successful with stormy shows and huge audience in MGM grand, displaying their unique, high energy junk rock acts in Tropicana and also on the quad of the Las Vegas Strip. They sold their uniqueness and people bought it and loved it. 

Acts of the Show
Without spoiling anything, we should tell you what to expect when you hear them play. The shows include activities like letting each of the audience a chance to join the act, by giving them unique instruments like drumstick when they enter. This queued up their number of fans and followers. This makes their shows as the most interactive ones of the strip. The shows incorporate items from everyday life like tools, buckets, ladders and trash cans. Those junk materials, turned into musical instruments that produce varied sound percussions and worth watching feats of acrobatics are the highlights of their shows in Las Vegas. The reason behind the increasing fan following of the band, Recycled Percussion, and making it to the finals of America's got Talent is their uniqueness, which also paved their way for eye popping stage shows at Las Vegas Strip. Recycled Percussion show vegas are improvised with innovative and beautiful lighting a sound system that shakes off the ground. The band is known to perform on an elevated platform, with many props varying from ladders to old van. The members don't just sit there and play the drum. They are humorous personalities and they know how to work with the crowd. This enhances their act. The act of the Recycled Percussion show Vegas. 
One of the acts do not require playing of drums. This is substituted by music created by placing a metal grinder in one of the four large metal bins hung over the stage. This causes sparks to fly every time they sing in rhythm to the Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby, which is rather an electrified version of the song. The shows also include selected audiences to join the stage to compete in a dance off and to enact as monkeys. Also adding to the fun is a the event of "totally random cookie time". 

The end of the show is marked by the group performing a combination of songs, where the audiences are free to play along when they see dots on the screen. The exploding sounds of cacophony of the banging of audience and the riveting beats from the band is what the show ends with. The last act of the band is the ladder act, which is very enticing and the audience cheers its way out. 

The band continues to play in Las Vegas. The show time is 5:30 p.m, Monday to Sunday, and the show Length is 75 minutes. Have a nice musical experience when you do choose to visit Recycled Percussion show Vegas!

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