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If you think all shows in Las Vegas are “dirty” then you’ve obviously have not seen a Pin Up show Vegas. When you see one the show’s posters and billboards though that can be found all over town, you will probably have a misconception of what it is. And no one can blame you, really. The advertisements seem to attract mostly guys and for good reasons. After all, they features beautiful girls and revealing outfits. But a closer inspection would reveal that these girls tip to the cute side of the attractiveness meter. Yes, they look flirty but it is also quite apparent that the show would leave plenty to the imagination. If you expect to see naked women on stage then Pin Up is definitely not for you. There are many other shows in Sin City that would meet your expectations. Pin Up though is for a different crowd. It’s for those who want to see sexy girls who are too sexed up. 

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What to expect

Pin Up is actually a music and dance show. But to call it burlesque would not be totally accurate. There are shows in Vegas that would at least show an impression of nakedness on stage. Pin Up though is totally devoid of nudity, implied or not. One word to describe the show and the girls on it is cute. It’s a word that you don’t often hear as part of a description of a Vegas show. But cute is what Pin Up is. So if you are someone who is into cute – Japanese anime and manga girls, young but sultry pop stars, etc. – then you would surely get a kick out of Pin Up. Cabaret this is not. And perhaps because of its quality, Pin Up is considered by many, critics included, to be one of the freshest shows in the Vegas strip. In a place where naughty is the norm, this show stands out as different. But of course, many Vegas regulars would surely find the show out-of-place.


By steering away from the characteristics of a usual Vegas show, the makers of Pin Up also set it up as one of the most original shows in the country’s entertainment capital. One of the most original parts of the show features the lead dancer climbing into bed while the instrumental classic “Sleepwalk” is playing. Once she is on bed the pillows on it seemingly became alive and jumped into mid-air. It is a scene reminiscent of a cartoon rather than a show for adults. Towards the end of the segment, the lead was joined by two more girls. And then the lights went off. If you want to know what happens next, you would have to use your dirty minds. If this was another Vegas show, you would be invited to the party. But this is not that kind of show fellas. This is Pin Up.

Older crowd

If you are not at least intrigued with Pin Up by now then you are probably not among its target market. For some reason, the show seem to attract a much older, more mature crowd. This is not for the hot-blooded, testosterone-fueled party guys who come to Vegas to see tits and ass. It’s for a much more toned down group. It is for men who are old enough to remember the good old days of pin up girls, those voluptuous models who seem to always show just the right amount of skin. The young men that the show attracts are those who can appreciate a good tease. Who knows that cute can also be sexy. Who yearns for women they can take home to their moms but can still give them a wild time in the bedroom. This is for men who know they will not see bare tits and ass but are OK with it. This is also for guys who knows how to appreciate good music and fully clothe bodies that gyrate with it.

Excellent band and music

Speaking of music, Pin Up features an excellent band headed by David Perrico. Good music is what sets this show apart from other music-oriented shows on Vegas. Some critics may even go as far as to say that music is the true star of the show. Without the music, the flaws of the show would be more evident such as the less than original choreography and the so-so flare of the dancers. Without the good music, one may even question why this show deserves a marquee on the Strip. So as mentioned earlier, if you’re someone who can appreciate good music – whether you are male or female – then you would at least be able to say that this show is worth the money. Maybe another advantage of this show over other shows in Vegas is that it can be enjoyed by both sexes and not just the men and that is largely because of its good live music.

Show highlights

Even the highlights of the show are related to the music. One is the performance of Anne Martinez – a femme fatale of a singer – of “Tangerine Honey,” an original song. She also sang Ann-Margaret’s “Heart” and “Thirteen Men” from “Damn Yankees.” Then there’s a tap dancing performance by Sarah Short accompanies by the excellent drumming of Brian Czach. Many consider this part as the most memorable of the night. The music is also responsible for sustaining the energy of the whole show and for giving it a retro yet cool vibe. It makes up for the small stage that seemed to restrict and limit the creativity of the creators and the performers.

An evolving show

Pin Up is relatively new on the Vegas strip so one can consider that it is still an evolving and growing show. Probably one of the best achievements of the shows co-creator and director Drew DiCostanzo is transforming the lead performer, Sinclair, into a full-pledged singer and dancer despite not having formal training in both fields. But Sinclair does have the “it girl” quality and a likable persona that is essential in any lead performer to be effective.

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