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Pentatonix Las Vegas Concert TicketsPentatonix Concert Vegas 

Pentatonix promise a great show in Las Vegas

A cappella music is not an ordinary music genre. It is a difficult and a complex way of expression, so only top musicians can do this in the right way. That’s why you should check Pentatonix in Las Vegas. With their unique and outstanding style, this group of musicians will bring you nothing but harmony. This musical group is a two-time Grammy winner and is regularly on best charts in the country. Their music represents the best possible introduction into the world of a cappella style.

1. The beginning 

There are five members of Pentatonix: Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola and Avi Kaplan. These musicians are generally oriented towards pop music. However, their styles are much more complex. You can find different influences in their singing methods. 

The whole story began in high school in Arlington, Texas, when Kirstin, Mitch, and Scott started rehearsing together. They recorded Lady Gaga’s hit Telephone and post it on YouTube. Listeners approved this, so the trio has gained some popularity. However, the story continues when they met Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola. This was a formation that has won 2011’s The Sing-Off competition.

Scott Hoying came up with the band name. The name is derived from the pentatonic scale, a scale that has five different notes. This was a good symbolical move because the band has five members. Each member represents a note and they all form a scale. 

2. First records

If you decide to visit Pentatonix show in Las Vegas, be prepared to see the first modern a cappella band. That’s right. Their music is based on the use of vocals only. However, their style is a combination of various genres of popular music. You can hear traces of hip-hop and dance pop, but on the other hand, rock or soul music is also present. 

The first official record of Pentatonix is named simply PTX, Volume 1. 

This record contains seven songs, of which five are covers such as Somebody That I Used to Know or We Are Young. However, the record contains two original Pentatonix songs. They were an introduction to the original work of this band. 

In November of 2012, the band released another cover album named PTXmas. This album included various Christmas songs such as Carol of the Bells and Little Drummer Boy. The public and the media noticed this, so some of these songs got good grades on different music charts.

A year from PTXmas, in November of 2013, Pentatonix released another recorder. It had a simple name again – PTX Vol. II. This record was also constructed from various pop hits such as Daft Punk , Can’t Hold Us, and others. Because of this album, Pentatonix won Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A cappella award on 57th Grammy Awards. The record was sold over 30.000 copies in the first week. 

The success with these cover albums led the bend to the first contract. They signed with RCA Records. The following was PTX, Vol. III. This album was released in September of 2014. It reached the fifth position on the “Billboard 200”. This opened many doors to Pentatonix.

3. Self-titled album

When you go to Las Vegas on Pentatonix show, don’t think that they can offer you only covers. They will surely perform both covers and Pentatonix material on the Pentatonix Las Vegas Show.

What’s the story with the original material? Well, after success with PTX editions, the band has decided to move to original music. This is completely natural because each member of the band is a creative and talented musician. 

In the end of 2014, the band has stated that they are focusing on their own music now. The album was announced for October of 2015. However, the release strategy was well planned. To gain more attention and more listeners, Pentatonix decided to release a couple of singles before the album. The biggest strike was the release, which occurred one day early before the announced date. The band was in the eyes of media. The fans were thrilled with this. Pentatonix has reached the 1st place on the Us Billboard 200. It was certified Gold in February of 2016.

4. Pentatonix on tour

The Las Vegas Pentatonix show is a part of 2016 Pentatonix tour. The self-titled album that got great grades and attention has made this tour possible. However, the bend’s first tour was in 2012. This tour included 30 cities, and the band mostly performed popular covers. The next tour was in January of 2013, and during this tour, Pentatonix wrote the material for PTX, Vol. II. 

In 2014, Pentatonix left the USA for the first time. This tour included Canada, Europe, and even South East Asia. However, their biggest tour will happen this year. Again, there is a simple name – Pentatonix World Tour 2016. This tour will begin on April 2, in Chiba, Japan, and it should conclude on Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. The band will go all around the globe. This tour will include Pentatonix Vegas concert, so you can book your ticket and be a part of this incredible happening.

5. Other appearances

Besides doing live shows, Pentatonix has appeared in many other popular TV shows. The band appeared on Sesame Street in 2014, and the Disney Show K.C. Undercover.

However, the most important appearance is in the film Pitch Perfect 2. This film centers on the fictional university and an a cappella singing competition. The fans supported the band’s appearance, and Pentatonix is eager to participate in similar projects. 

6. What can we expect?

The future for Pentatonix seems bright. They are enthusiastic about their music, and they have a strong base of fans. This is enough for a great start. The talent of these musicians can only bring them good.

After the oncoming tour where you can see Pentatonix in Vegas, the band plans to continue recording. Original material is what matters most to them, and they are ready for further development of their style. 

Pentatonix claims that the chemistry between the members has remained the same during the years. This is another reason to see them live, and to book yourself a ticket for that Pentatonix Vegas spectacle. 


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