NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tickets

Nascar Sprint Cup Series Las Vegas TicketsNascar Sprint Cup Series Las Vegas Tickets

Get ready for some fast paced action at the Nascar Sprint Cup Las Vegas


The Nascar Sprint Cup Las Vegas dawns upon us and with only months to go, it’s time to be excited for one of those events that make us car lovers excited all year long. The Nascar Sprint Cup races in Las Vegas are slated for March 2016 and the tickets are already up for pre-order. 

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The NASCAR Sprint cup series, also known as the Cup Series or the Sprint cup is among the top racing tournaments held by the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. The event is named after the primary sponsor Sprint and the even was formerly known by Strictly Stock Series and the Grand National Series. There have been plenty of changes to the name of the event but it’s still the same rip roaring action you would expect from any NASCAR event and the Nascar Sprint Cup Las Vegas is surely going to be a blast. The Sprint Cup branding came to being in 2005 and it is among the most exciting race events each year. Stock car racing is different from other motorsports as the events are completely reliant on the skills of the drivers more than the mean machines. It’s one of the best sporting disciplines in the world of motorsports and attracts millions of fans across the world. 


The format of the event is quite simple. The champion or the drivers’ champion is determined based on the points accumulated for each of the finishing placements in the races that they participate in and the number or laps they lead. The event is broken into two separate segments. The first segment includes 26 races and only 16 drivers move through to the second round based on the performances held in the initial 26 races. All of the drivers are seeded depending on their performance and compete in 10 more races. The point’s differences are minimized in the final 10 races to make the competition stiffer and it’s called the Chase for the Championship. Anyone who wins, take home the championship and basks in glory. 

The initial group of racers in the first allotted to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase Grid’

· The number of qualifying racers can range from 12 to 16 based on appropriate format that might be tweaked for each respective year. Generally 16 drivers are selected for the next round. 

· 15 spots in the Grid are kept reserved for players who have the maximum wins in the 26 races that are held ahead of the Chase for the Championship and the final spot is always reserved for the leader based on the points if he doesn’t have a victory. If less than sixteen drivers have wins after the 26 races, then the remaining slots are filled based on the season points. 

· The Chase is divided into four distinct rounds. The first 3 rounds involve the 4 racers with the least season points being eliminated from the championship in groups of four. If any of the racers win at least one game in the first 3 races, they qualify to the subsequent round. 

· Al racers who are eliminated get their points readjusted according to the point scheme of regular seasons. 

· Challenger Rounds: This is where the action begins. The 16 drivers who have 2,000 points each and some added bonus (3 points for every win they achieve in the first round of 26 races) race in the 27th, 28th and 29th race. Four racers are eliminated in this round. Subsequently in the next three races 4 drivers are eliminated in the Eliminator Round’ and finally 8 drivers qualify for the grand finale with four thousand points to each player. 

The final is called the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship and the grand winner of the event is decided based on the results of a single match. The stakes are quite high and the winner takes all the glory! 


The series finds its roots down in the Southeastern region of the United States and the events gained popularity as it grew bigger and better. 50% of the 36 races season is held in the Southeastern region and the list of tracks that are used for the event is spread across the United States to ensure the races are easily accessible to everyone and if you are someone who just cannot live without racing then you definitely need to be at the Nascar Sprint Cup Las Vegas. Prior to the current format, a lot of the races used to be held in Canada and the exhibition found their place in Australia and Japan to achieve a global footfall. The Daytona 500 race of 2009 is considered to be the most prestigious race and 16 million followers from around the world tuned in for the race in 2009.

Strictly Stock vs Grand National 

A lot of people know about the strictly stock and grand national races that are held by NASCAR. But how are they different? In 1949 the strictly stock races were introduced and it involved the use of stock cars without any modifications whatsoever. The name changed to Grand National next season to add to the professionalism of the name and it made the NASCAR events more professional. They are both basically the same event and only a minor change that NASCAR made to make the event more pro. However the term Strictly Stock is still used in the NASCAR’s history books and also in some instances of their editorials on their website. Only one strictly stock racetrack is still in action – the Martinsville Speedway. 


Instead of sticking to a fixed schedule with a set number of races per week, NASCAR chooses to be more flexible based on the number of entrants and chooses the schedule accordingly. So do not be surprised if the next Sprint Cup has a completely different schedule. A lot of the races are held on dirt tracks to test the skills and experience of the drivers. It makes the NASCAR events more challenging and over time the use of dirt tracks has been eliminated a lot with paved race tracks coming into existence. Short oval tracks are the most common types of tracks you will find. Currently the Sprint Cup does not involve the use of dirt tracks. The last time a NASCAR race was held on a dirt track was in 1970. 


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