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Muse Las Vegas TicketsMuse Las Vegas Tickets 

Las Vegas is the city of bombastic extravagance. There is no better fit than symphonic rock group, Muse. Muse has steadily cultivated a large following that broke the mainstream in 2006 with Black Holes and Revelations. Since then, they have explored the weirdest sides of mainstream rock and roll with sweeping hooks, wailing vocals, and some seriously demanding riffs. Muse Las Vegas will be an astounding show where the focus is on style, craziness, and the light show that will certainly rival some of the best tours of the winter and spring season.

What makes Muse so special live?

Muse is a really intriguing act. They manage to weave Queen with heavy metal in a way that is refreshing. So many rock bands do the same old thing. The few that are left are just continuing a generic career and seeing okay results. Very few are experimenting with the spectacle of a massive live show in a way that is exhilarating. There are a few rare exceptions. Coldplay or U2 commit to big hooks and grand sounds with their live shows. Radiohead is equally fascinating, but they are even more experimental. Muse is special because they do big sounds and a massive stage show while still being peculiar and unique. No one is doing Muse.

What is Muse playing for 2016?

Muse has a well-rounded setlist of tracks that incorporate all of their major releases. Fans will be happy to hear that Muse digs deep into their catalog for a few frenetic jams. The band's mainstream breakthrough is well-represented. Black Holes and Revelations is the album that put them on the map, and it seems that they acknowledge its presence and influence from fans. The band recently played about four tracks from the record in 2015, including the acclaimed fast-paced jam "Time is Running Out" and the epic "Apocalypse Now." They also change the pace a bit by playing a laid-back interlude from the album. It is nice to see that not everyone is turned to 11 every time out. The band has been known for some contemplative ballads, especially from Origin of Symmetry (where the Radiohead comparisons were strongest). 

The group's latest release is the best represented. Drones came out in mid-2015, and it is arguably one of their heaviest and most sweeping records to date. The album was led by the single, Psycho, which features a frolicking lead lick. it appears early in the set. The band goes on to perform about six to eight songs from the latest album, which makes up almost half of the total setlist. The tracks include "Reapers", "Revolt", 'Dead Inside," and "The Globalist." The album is not particularly well-rounded on its own. Big jams and excessively thrilling hooks illuminate the tracks. 

Though Drones has a huge presence, the band gives appreciation to their electronic-influenced 2012 record, the 2nd Law. When the 2nd Law first came out, it was led by a dubstep video and trailer that showcased the band's appreciation of the genre. They go on to explore that by performing the title track, alongside "Madness." The song is a real exploration into electronica, though overall the 2nd law is largely ignored. That is surprising for a record that is released only a few years ago.

The groups's debut album, Showbiz, is omitted entirely. Long-term fans may be amiss to see that "Uno" or "Muscle Museum: has been left off the setlist once again. Closing out the entire show is an explosive finisher in "Knights of Cydonia." The track is famous for appearing on Guitar Hero III, the series mainstream breakthrough. At about eight minutes, this sweeping epic is drawn out and turned to a whole new level. It is the perfect encapsulation of everything Muse does brilliantly, and it is exactly what fans will expect for Muse Las Vegas. They also throw in an improvisational jam, which has become a staple since 2009's The Resistance was released. Each member gets their time to shine when the jam extends to their instrument.

What is the theme for Muse this time around?

Every album from the band seems to touch on a major social archetype, and Muse is delving deeper into the world of political rock in 2016. The term "drones" is not subtle. The album features a large mysterious hand controlling a knob in front of a television screen. The nob is controlling many robots, or drones, that are moving at the command of the hand. The band is fitting the stage with themes and ideas from the Drones album cycle. fans will hear chants from the record that include the angry Drill Sergeant issuing his commands to the lonely soldiers. Bellowing lights and props help promote the idea that people can easily be slaves to a larger agenda. It is a theme that Muse takes with stride.

Black Holes and Revelations is an album that leans heavily on science-fiction. The band keeps that in light when they add stars and a huge alien-influenced backdrop. The 2nd Law was about social control. The band used massive glowing columns to illustrate a sense of grandness mixed with claustrophobia for their 2009 tour. They also tend to use lasers or columns of fire to add to the incredible showmanship of their sound. It is hard to get a grip on what they are going to pull off. Muse Las Vegas could top their performance in Sydney or Rome, where fire columns and lasers were only the beginning.

Muse is a pure rock band. The group only has three members, borrowing their line-up from progressive rock act, Rush, who they are directly influenced by. Matthew Bellamy is on the vocals, followed by Chris Wolstenholme on bass and Dominic Howard on drums. The band has been known to play multiple instruments, and they contribute somewhat evenly to the production and overall aesthetic of Muse. Mixing in modern sounds with classic rock energy, they have captivated audiences. Las Vegas is a perfect fit. The city is about excess and gorgeous lights. Muse has always had a spectacle of a live show. It is often about the theatrics of it just as much as it is about the music. 

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