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Michael Jackson was the most beloved entertainer of all time all over the world. When he passed away in 2009 it sparked so much controversy that many people thought that it had to be fake and that it was a scam. Michael Jackson came from very humble beginnings as he was born in Gary Indiana, into a family of 5. He was instantly successful and became the lead singer of his family’s group called the Jackson 5. MJ had a solo career that was a continual stream of hit records and was always delivering many top selling hits. He had just launched a new tour when he began his comeback tour in 2009; his death was a huge shock to the entire world.....





Michael Jackson had always been very popular, but when Thriller hit the scene in 1982 he reached a whole new level of popularity that was legendary. Thriller became the bestselling album of all time with over 10 number ones on the album. This ensured that life for M.J. would never be the same.

Thriller, the title track of the album was a in the number one position for 37 weeks and was a huge success. It also was there and continued to win award after award. Jackson was nominated for 12 Grammy Awards and he won eight in that year. After the success of Thriller, Jackson signed a huge deal with Pepsi and was their spokesperson for many years. During this time, he also decided to buy the Neverland Ranch which became his cornerstone for many years and the crowning jewel of his home achievement. 


Michael Jackson continued to be a star power that no one could deny until there were allegations of child abuse in 1999. After that, the King of Pop was shrouded in mystery and questions. During this time he had three children with then wife Debbie Rowe. Michael was in the process of relaunching his career with the “This is it” final tour. He intended to have one last huge tour and then retire into a quiet and peaceful life allowing him to have time with his family and his friends. MJ passed away while he was preparing to go on tour and fans all over the world were shocked and horrified. There continues to be much speculation about what happened, and there are reports all over the world that he is seen on a regular basis everywhere. 


MJ Live is Born

Although MJ himself is dead, his legend lives on There was an entire album that was released after his passing and in addition to that, he was brought back to life on stage. At the Stratosphere in Vegas, fans are able to see the moves and the choreography that would have been a part of his last show. In addition to that the show is comprised of all of his hits including: Bad, Billie Jean, Beat it and many more. There is an amazing dance team and great music. You will enjoy the effects and feel as though you are in front of the late great celeb himself. Although he is no longer with us, the team that was responsible for creating his tours as well as his personal designers was present in every detail of the design. 


All of the details that are a part of the show have been coordinated with his family as well as his creative team to ensure that the show is engaging, compelling, and amazing in the way that he would have performed it if he were still with us.

MJ Live Merchandise

If there was any doubt that you wanted your own sequined fedora you will be able to find it in your favorite color at the merchandise store. There is no better place for all of the items you have dreamed of like your own glove or moonwalking shoes. You will be set with your wrist band, t-shirts, and your hat knowing that you had an amazing experience in Vegas.

Tickets at a Discount

Tickets to the show are very affordable and you will be able to find the right seats as well as the right environment to bring your friends and family and enjoy a great show. There is a bulk discount as well that is available for you to purchase when you are ready to do so. Get ready for the best options in tickets.

The Overall Reviews Are in

Michael Jackson is not here but the MJ Live review has come in with stellar success, that has come from the fact that there are many dedicated fans all over the world that have been delighted by his performance and come to Vegas to pay tribute. When you consider that the show has some of the best music that was ever written and that the dance moves are those of MJ himself is it any wonder that all those who come and see the show are amazed and inspired? Get ready for some of the best singing, dancing, and performing that you have seen anywhere.


Do not be embarrassed if you find yourself in the audience singing along to the songs and if you realize that you are singing with the songs very loudly; this is something that happens to everyone who can feel the music. With this show it is impossible to come to the stage and to not feel the music as it will keep you entranced and blown away with those classics which are buried deep in your heart.

The thing about MJ was that he as beloved by all groups as he is by children and for that reason, something magical happens to all people when they go and they see his show. They become again like the children that they once were. There is nothing that is more rewarding than time with a legend and when you go and see the show, you will feel like you are there living and breathing in the experience with the time machine that you have somewhere hidden in your house. Enjoy and get ready for the best new show in Vegas, you will be very glad that you did and will be telling your family about it for years to come.

MJ Live Tickets Las Vegas

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