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Las Vegas is an experience all its own. Calling itself the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll find a million and one things to do here. It is famous for the copious amounts of casino’s is has, both inside and independent of hotels. It is also one of the top three most popular places for meetings, conventions, and other very large, business related get-togethers. This should come as no surprise however, because who doesn’t love to mix business with pleasure? What an experience it must be then, to combine the mysteries and excitement of Vegas, with the enchanting stage performance of Macklemore. 

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Not your Typical Hip-Hop Artist 

Ben Haggerty, more commonly known by his stage name Macklemore, has quite the interesting history. Releasing one mixtape, three EP’s and four full length albums all independently, his career is actually a very impressive one. He has also collaborated quite significantly with his producer named Ryan Lewis, under the name “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.” 

Their single “Thrift Shop” made it all the way to number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2013. It was soon after named the very first song since 1994 to make it to the top of this list without any help from a record label. 

Macklemore himself has been making music for a very long time, having released his first EP called Open Your Eyes in 2000 under the name Professor Macklemore. The story behind his stage name is actually kind of cute. When he was in high school, he was asked to create a superhero for an art project, and Macklemore was his. The superhero stuck with him, and eventually became his own alter ego. 

He soon dropped the Professor from his name, and released his very first full length album in 2005, called The Language of my World. It wasn’t until 2006 that Macklemore first met Ryan Lewis. Lewis was originally Macklemore’s production photographer, and they became good friends. He went on to do some producing for Macklemore, and eventually began working together as a duo. This relationship was formalized in 2009, when they officially became Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 

Unique Concert Experience 

Concert-goers from all over have described their Macklemore concert experience to be a unique one, that often involves cookies… both appearing on stage and being thrown into the audience.Ne great concert everyone would want to attend every single time it takes place.

Their stage set-up generally includes three jumbo screens, which play a good variety of appropriate and theatrical imagery and live footage, both of which help to enhance the crowd’s general experience. 

One common comment is that the shows are just brimming with authenticity. While they like to jump around, have a good time, and get the crowd going, Macklemore actually has quite the opinion on a lot of heavy matters. He is open about his support of the LGBT community, his political stance, and has also dealt with drug abuse in the past, which is actually an inspiration for some of his music. He has given his concerts a more serious overtone with monologues and speeches about white privilege and prejudices, and about using love to overcome the power of hate. 

Macklemore further enhances the power and meaning of these little talks by placing some corresponding songs in amongst them, namely White Privilege II and Same Love. Same Love is a wildly popular anthem supporting and promoting gay rights, and the audience never fails to love it. The emotion and connection during this song is tangible. It’s actually pretty amazing what can be felt, and what can be done when enough people are passionate about things that matter. 

Concerts shouldn’t be all heavy, deep, and emotional like that though, so Macklemore doesn’t hold back in adding some fun things like the aforementioned cookie throwing (because why not right?). He also features some speed drawing of portraits to give to the audience, and he entertains them with funny, quirky stories about his young daughter. 

Macklemore in Vegas 

With such an exciting, engaging, and emotional stage performance, it is no question then that some of the best Macklemore experiences are the ones happening right in the thrum of the ever-awake Las Vegas. If you are ever presented with the opportunity, Macklemore in Vegas is something you absolutely won’t want to miss. 

With lights everywhere, people everywhere, and music everywhere, the energy you can feel while walking downtown in Las Vegas is endless. It is contagious and seemingly tangible. A day in Vegas can consist of many parties, lots of drinking, and making endless amounts of new friends. Why not then, end your day with a wildly energetic, emotional, and heartfelt party of a concert, by going to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for yourself. 

Macklemore can be seen touring all over the world. With his incredible amount of fame, he is in high demand from his fans everywhere. Living in the United States however, he tours the country quite often. If you live in or around Las Vegas, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his next tour announcement.

Even if you are not a resident of the area, Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Why not plan your next trip to Vegas when Macklemore is in the area, and catch the concert then? Macklemore himself is an experience you won’t want to miss, but Macklemore in Vegas specifically is something else entirely. The lights, the energy, the luxury and the people will provide one of the most magical experience you could imagine. 

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