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John Fogerty Tickets

John Fogerty Las Vegas TicketsJohn Fogerty Las Vegas Tickets

The former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty will be performing in Las Vegas with his acclaimed show John Fogerty: Fortunate Son In Concert. He will be performing at Encore Theatre at Wynn Las Vegas for several dates in March and then again in May. If you are a fan of Fogerty, don't miss the hardest rocking in Las Vegas in 2017. This amazing new performance of John Fogerty will focus on the 60's, especially in 1969, the year when CCR released 3 albums, that managed to change contemporary rock music!

Fogerty will Rock in Las Vegas
Fogerty's Las Vegas concert, as with his recent tour, will celebrate and focus on the three CCR classic albums, under the title 'Bayou Country', 'Green River' and 'Willy and the Poor Boys', which were released in 1969 and will be focusing mainly on this specific year. Moreover, this show will feature some other memorable songs of the band, as well as some great songs of his solo career into a Southern rock set. In addition, you'll have the chance to hear some personal stories about his former landmark year, which will be enhanced with some spectacular photos on large screens, as well as film footage. If you'll be there, you will also have the chance to hear and see some new things, that will be added to the show, apart from the great rock songs.

Creedence Clearwater
It's one of the greatest and beloved bangs in history of rock music and John Fogerty wrote, sang and produced some of the greatest classical songs, such as 'Proud Mary', 'Born on the Bayou', 'Bad Moon Rising' and many more that were great rock hits for years. He even brough CCR number 1, eclipsing even the Beatles, in 1969. But the next year this band was starting to fall apart. More specifically, their enduring success exploded and faded quickly, in just a few years. In addition, his book 'Fortunate Son', can take you back to his Northern California roots, where he began his career, through Credence's success. In fact, it was a harsh look in the inequities of America, during the militry draft for the Vietnam War. You can also read in it about his public life and how he achieved his hard won rival as a solo artist, who finally found love. Despite the great success of the band, they never made to No1 hit on the Top 10 Billboards.

Incredible music
John Fogerty Las Vegas usually begins writing a new song by creating a melody; a loving habit, that might have come from his early years as a small child, who loved instrumentals and he had the ambition to become a great musician. He truly worked hard in order to achieve his goal and produced great songs over the last 40 years and acquired many fans worldwide. In fact, he was craving for stability in music and found exactly what he expressed him the most. For example, 'Proud Mary', especially the chords in the beginning of the song, were inspired by Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, even though he had never heard the real classical music, as he admitted. 
New Memoir
The news for his Vegas residency came just a few days befor the 70 year old Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer released his new memoir with the titlo 'Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music, which was published on 6th October 2015. One of his most amazing part of his memoir is when his wife, Julie, begins contributing sections in her voice. He believes strongly in her voice. Afterall for John, his wife was always a great inspiration, the power of love and healing, as he admitted. Overall, 'Fortunate Son' balances both hard times and good times in his life; from the difficult divorce of his parents to his personal adult life and the joy he felt when he was producing his music.

The early years of his life
Born in Berkeley, California, John and his older brother Tom made up a music group, that would later become the Creedence. Together with his brother and bassist Stu Cook and Doug Clifford in the drums made a high school band, by the name 'Blue Velvets', when he was around 15 years old. As a kid he always wanted to make his own music and write songs and always dreamed about being like one of those musical heroes, that he admired. Eventually his dream became true and he became a great and famous musician all over the world.He was really very fortunate, as he admitted several times, despite the tough years he spend during his childhood. Moreover, he began his solo career under the name of the 'Blue Ridge Rangers' and made his debut in 1973. He played all kinds of the instruments on covers of others country's great hits, such as 'Jambalaya'.

A song for everyone
The songs written by John Fogerty over the past 40-45 years continue to speak in a powerful way to genertions of great musicians and music lovers. According to him, writing songs can be a very private matter, but making music is the best thing in life. And he had the honor of producing great music with many of his favorite musicians. 'Wrote a Song for Everyone' is a very large and also moving album, that may remind you how profoundly universal are hi songs. Every now and then, he hears a song he's written and it's like the song existed before him, like the 'Proud Mary'. Of course, there are other songs too, which are heard by many people around the world, that make him feel like proud - certainly more than a few by Dylan and the Beatles. In other words, for him, it's truly the album of a lifetime.

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