Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia Tickets

Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia Vegas Event Tickets

Joe Weiders Mr Olympia Vegas Tickets

If you are a person that is into body building then you know that Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia in Vegas is not something that you can afford to miss. This is one of the biggest shows in the world when it comes to muscle and you can’t afford to miss this if you are into this. The kind of display that is put on this show is just unforgettable and the energy is just great. This has been the biggest attraction for anyone that is into bodybuilding since its inception back in the September of 1965. Since then it has been a phenomenon all across the globe and now you have a chance to see it live in Vegas. This is an event that is watched all across the globe and if you have been a follower of it for many years, then you know the kind of stuff that you will be exposed to on this occasion. This contest enables many of the bodybuilders that have come from all across the world to get to win something besides the Mr. Universe title. Named after Joe Weider who started the event, it is held annually and this year it gets the chance to be in Vegas and you can be part of the crowd if you get your ticket.

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The History

This is one of the greatest events when it comes to muscle on the planet and it has helped launch the careers of some of the greatest actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Arnold won this event for four years consecutively back in 1970-1974 and is considered the third best ever in the history of this event. This shows that a lot of competition is in this event that is just on another level and you will love every day that you are at this event as it is a weekend affair. There is a lot of things to learn about this event that you will fall in love with it the more when you see the kind of body builders that have passed through the years by winning it. It is a once in a lifetime experience to get to see all the amazing people that will be here and who knows, you might even get to meet one of the winners from past years. The current reigning champion is USA’s very own, Phil Heath who has been the winner for 5 years straight since 2011.

If you are an aspiring bodybuilder

If you are into body building then Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia in Vegas is an event that you just can not afford to miss at all. This is one of the events that you will get to learn a lot about your future in this and you might even get the right contacts that can help you progress in this. This is why if you really want to become on of the greatest like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Phil Heath then you need to know the basics of this and how to go about it. It will also provide you with a lot of information on what products you should and shouldn’t be taking. This is very vital to ensure that you continue making positive progress in this and in the future, people will actually come to see you here one day. You should know that this event happens only once in a year so this is the opportunity that you have been waiting for if you are in the States to get to see it as next year it might be held on another continent that you can't get to.

Annual event

Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympis in Vegas is only here for the weekend and then it won’t happen until next year and that will probably be in some other country that you won’t be able to get to. This means that if you are really excited about this, you should get your ticket as there is no guarantee that this will be back in America for a few more years to come. So, the best thing to do is to actually get your ticket and prep yourself for this event which is going to be one of the best that you have ever seen. The reigning champion Phil Heath will be there and so will so many others and it will be great to see if he takes this home for the 6th time consecutively. As you can see, this is a once in a long while opportunity that you need to take advantage of and come to Vegas to witness history being made. The show promises to be even better as the organizers have said and you are guaranteed a great time when you will be there. So, the only thing that you should be doing is getting your tickets before they run out.

For the memories


You know that this is one of those things that you will be telling your grandchildren someday of how amazing Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia in Vegas was. That kind of memories is what you will be walking away with from this event if you attend it as it is just amazing to be there. You will love every second that you are there and the fact that USA’s Phil Heath is the current champion even fuels further the excitement that usually follows this event. So, do not be left behind when the rest of your friends are at this event because it is not something that should be missed and especially from someone who adores this career path. The ladies too will love this place what with all the muscle men that will be on display. There is also a ladies event where they get to choose the best among the women’s category and it will be just amazing to get to be part of this incredible event that comes once in a year. So, make sure that you get your ticket and come down to Vegas to see one of the best shows in your life and see the memories that you will take home with you. 

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