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Heart Las Vegas TicketsHeart Las Vegas Tickets

How cool can it get? Imagine two sisters teaming up to form part of a rock band that survives the test of time. The Heart rock band, if not famous for its numerous hits, should earn a place in history for its staying power. The band has been around since the 1960s and has not been befallen by the curse that breaks up many bands. The band first gained popularity when it released its first studio album titled "Dreamboat Annie" when the band members were still residing in Vancouver. The sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, have written most of the band's songs. They also became the band leaders, a fete which made them pioneers in this field. Ann has been the lead singer of the band and also plays the flute while Nancy mostly plays the guitar. Over the years the band has become very successful and has sold millions of records. They stormed onto the rock charts in the 70s and continued to do so through the 80s and 90s. A pioneer rock band, it surely deserves its place in the history books. It explains the reason why the band is still relevant to date and gets booked for concerts every now and then.

Greatest hits

The band has numerous hit songs but their best known song is titled "Barracuda" which has been used in several movies and television series. It was used in the year 2000 release of Charlie's Angels, Shrek the third where it was sung by Fergie from the group Black Eyed Peas and in the series of "Friends" and also the "Sopranos". Other television series have also made use of the song. The Heart rock band has a string of other hits like "These Dreams," "Alone" and "If looks could kill us. They have been around for quite a while and these hits definitely prove that they have deserved every bit of success that has come along their way.


A star in the Hollywood walk of fame is not just given to anyone unless you are really good at what you do. Ann and Nancy Wilson were awarded a star in the Hollywood walk of fame in June 2012 and in the month of December the same year were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. This further cemented their statures as great performers of their generation and inscribed their names on the walls of history. For a music career that is nearly four decades old, they surely have done well for themselves.

Heart Las Vegas Live show

The rock band will perform in Las Vegas where people will be able to enjoy their high energy performances. Its not everyday that you get to sit through a live show graced by inductees of the rock and roll hall of fame. The entertainment city that regularly hosts iconic performers will provide the stage for Ann and Nancy Wilson to once again demonstrate why they have remained relevant in the music industry for such a long time. To the rock fans who really listen to authentic rock music, this should be an opportunity to experience some of the great hits that defined a generation.

Performance venue

The Heart Las Vegas show will be held at the House of Blues which usually holds lives shows with rock and blues themed music. The band will get to perform to patrons in an evening of music and fine dining. Las Vegas is known for its numerous hotels and casinos and this will be a perfect way to entertain patrons while singing some of their greatest hits. The House of Blues in Las Vegas provides the perfect place for the band to hold a live show and give their fans a lasting experience. They will play some of their intimate records as the party goers enjoy a serene evening with great music.

Performance dates

The band is scheduled to perform for three days starting from the 19th of November through to the 21st of November. This is enough time for them to provide excellent entertainment to their numerous fans. The Heart Las Vegas show should be interesting given that the group has a long list of hits and records to choose from. They can go the three days without boring their fans with the same songs over and over again. That is the advantage of having a long career with several albums and hit singles. The band has the luxury of performing different songs.

Pick a day which best suits you

The fact that the band will be performing for three days means that you get to choose the day which best suits you so that you have an uninterrupted evening of fun. Unlike most of the outdoor arena concerts, this show is highly appropriate for those who like to enjoy music without the usual noise and mayhem from concert goers. Pick a day that you think will best match your schedule and have an evening of fun.

The Heart Las Vegas show will definitely be a great one. As Ann and Nancy Wilson belts out their chart topping tunes, you can nod your head and move to great rock music. You also become a part of their illustrious musical journey as you make great memories. How many times do you get to enjoy an intimate evening of great music in a show graced by some of the most iconic musicians in the history of rock and roll? I'd say once in a lifetime.

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