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Electric Daisy Carnival TicketsElectric Daisy Carnival Vegas Show

There will be full size carnival rides, DJ performances, performances from popular house and EDM artists and more. The amazing carnival that will take place under the beautiful Vegas night sky is expected to have more pomp and color, because it also marks two decades of EDM celebrations. 

Before, during and after the event, there will be lots of activities to do in the Vegas Strip. There are many luxury resorts with big casinos, Spas, beauty shops, Signature restaurants and night clubs that you can indulge in. Vegas nights get more erotic with the strip clubs. But none of all these pleasures will rival the feel of the EDC festival.

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What is it?

Electric Daisy Carnival is an electronic dance music festival hosted by the company Insomniac Events. Insomniac first produced EDC in 1997 in Los Angeles but it has now spread to various cities across the US and abroad. Genres of music played at this event include house, electro, drum and bass, dance-punk, dub step and trance.


The original EDC rave was held in the 1990s in an outdoor venue in Los Angeles. Gray Richards produced the event. Insomniac produced the 1997 edition at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, giving the event its present famous name- EDC.

House music , techno and other types of electronic dance music has been making it to US pop charts since the 1990s.In the 90s KLF and C&C produced some of the best house hits that took the genre to the Billboard Top 40. This was the period that raves started exploding on the east and west coast.

However, radio was always indifferent to electronic dance music unless it had some pop infusion. The EDM raves were controversial; drugged up kids on the dance floor hallucinating from Ecstasy and Molly, breakages and injuries. EDM got a bad reputation after some people died from the stampede of these parties. Authorities designed laws to stump out this kind of entertainment. It was hard for artists to make a career out of EDM, and many DJs immigrated to Europe where the situation was better.

Present day

In the summer of 2012, the EDC event in Las Vegas drew 320,000 people to the Motor Speedway for 3 days. The characteristic superstar deejay performances and LED graphics, projection, mapping and other space-age visual technology found a place in the hearts of many young people.

Today, the music festivals have regained their popularity and are accepted because of their new moderation. EDM raves have been rebranded into festivals’ by promoters and no longer elicit much negativity in the society. Even though the problem of drugs and excessive alcohol are still associated with the EDM festivals, the events don’t face the media stigma and punitive legislation like the 1990s raves. Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival for instance has worked shrewdly with the system, going through the bureaucratic procedures to acquire permits and investing in extra security, entrance searches and safety provisions.


The present day’s EDC festivals are a major contrast to the 90s culture where the EDM raves were thrown in remote farms in abandoned buildings, desserts and wilderness. EDC’S are held in plain sight posh venues like sports stadiums and resorts. They feature state of the art lighting and sound design, largescale art installations and theatrical performances.

This can be seen from the 2010 edition of EDC, which was carried out in the LA Memorial Coliseum, a spectacular stadium that has hosted the Olympics. However, the drugs related death of a 15 year old girl at this evet dealt Insomniac a major blow and they forced out of California. That is why they headed to Vegas, where they now stage most of the events.

Electric Daisy Carnival tries to limit the need for drugs in the festivals by creating a fantastical experience of music and dance. From visual graphics, pyro techniques and dance troupes with costumes that leave little to the imagination, EDC aims to give people a story book experience. Every EDC event is like New Year’s Eve celebration. The draw is no longer on big DJs and VJs, Insomniac has refocused on destination festivals.

Organized and orderly Event

This year’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas will be celebrating 20 years under the electric sky. The celebration will be a climax of EDC parties and events taking place from June 13-20 across Las Vegas. The event will not be just about music, there will be a line of dynamic displays, carnival creatures and sensory sights.

There will be a variety of merchandise sold through the event because there will be no reentry into the venue once you exit. Food and beverages stands will be located throughout the event, with roaming vendors carrying water and snacks

There will be bars located throughout the festival where visitors can get beer or liquor. For safety of all, security and medical staff will be present all through the event. There will be information tents where visitors can get any help they want. 

Professional photographers can acquire a camera pass to shoot at the event. However those using hand held devices are not prohibited from taking photos. ATMs will be available both inside and outside the venue grounds .For art installations, proposals should be sent in advance to the Insomniac team.

EDC in Vegas will be a wonderful opportunity for celebration, socialization, and individuality expression. DC is one of the events where everybody comes together for one course; Fun. This is the place to spread the peace, love and unity. Insomniac goes overboard in making EDC a memorable experience. The amazing art installations and amusement park activities never disappoint.

Everything will be organized despite the fact that multitudes attend this event. Entrance to the festival is streamlined, there will be facilities and amenities dotted all over the event. The event will be a futuristic world of lights and graphics with spellbinding effects for your ultimate escape into never-never land.

Las Vegas has become the center of all forms of entertainment, hosting all kinds of high profile performers from different corners of the world. As such, EDC intend to make their mark very soon, and no one could be more anxious than their adoring fans.

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