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It is not often one gets the opportunity to write about someone who is their 90s and still performing but in the case of comedian Don Rickles, not only is he still performing, he is doing so live to sell out audiences and doesn't look like stopping anytime soon. Don will soon be appearing in his upcoming show at 'The Orleans Hotel' in Las Vegas, Nevada and it gives you the chance to see a true comic legend, with a career that spans 7 decades.

Don Rickles has been appearing on stage and on our TV screens for over 70 years and in that time has rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars the world has ever known. His close circle of friends included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and he has broken bread with at least two presidents at the Whitehouse. So let's have a look at the career that got Don Rickles all the way to such auspicious addresses as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Las Vegas Boulevard.

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Early Career

Don Rickles first foray into entertainment was to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and although this did lead to some TV acting work, he soon moved over to stand-up comedy. He enjoyed a reasonable level of success, which blossomed as his act became what was known as 'insult comedy'. Rickles would deal with hecklers in his audience with such humor that he became better known for his put-downs than he was for his original jokes.

Sinatra's Endorsement

Don Rickle's career began to really take off after Frank Sinatra went to see some of his shows, and in doing so, became the subject of some of Rickles put downs. Not minding the insults Sinatra endorsed Rickles to the extent he received offers to perform in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Film Career

Although not known particularly as an actor Don Rickles has appeared in almost 20 movies the first being, 'Run Silent, Run Deep' in 1958. He had a prominent role in the war film 'Kelly's Heroes', starring Clint Eastwood, and also in Martin Scorsese's epic underworld drama, 'Casino' in which, coincidently, he played the manager of a Las Vegas hotel. Don’s most recent on-screen role was in the family comedy 'Dennis the Menace Strikes Again'.

The Tonight Show 

Throughout the sixties, Don Rickles became a household name thanks to his frequent appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. He made over 100 appearances on the show and even stood in as guest host on many occasions. 

Dean Martin Shows 

Don Rickles association with Dean Martin continued for nearly 30 years on various shows. He appeared regularly on 'The Dean Martin Show' which ran for 9 years, and also on 'The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast'. The 'Celebrity Roast' was a perfect foil for Rickles' sharp wit and put down humor as each week a different celebrity took their turn to be 'roasted'. In 1978 this included a certain Frank Sinatra who Don took great delight in roasting, albeit for fun. 

Performing for Presidents 

One of the highlight's of Don Rickles career was a stand -up performance at President Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Ball in 1985. This was done at the request of Frank Sinatra who almost 30 years after first spotting his comedy talent, insisted that Rickles be able to perform with him that evening. Though it was a spot lasting only 5 minutes it is still one of the most watched, and most loved comedy routines ever seen on American television. Don didn't hold back on who he targeted and his victims included Secretary of State, George Schultz, Reverend Billy Graham and of course President Reagan himself who was seen laughing heartily throughout Don's routine. Keen to show he was also brave enough to be 'under attack' from Don, four years later President George H.W. Bush invited Don to perform at his inaugural ball. 

A 'Younger' Audience

Having been around since the days of black and white TV you 'd be forgiven for thinking most young children would have no idea who Don Rickles is. Well, they may not have 'heard of' him, but they have almost certainly heard him speak because he is none other than the voice of Mr. Potatohead from the Toy Story movies. Don has done so for Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, and all being well will do so again when Toy Story 4 is released in 2018. He has also voiced characters in 'Quest for Camelot' most recently 'The Zookeeper'.

Recent Years

Apart from the aforementioned 'Mr. Potatohead' voice characterization, Don Rickles has continued performing both on stage, and on TV with numerous guest appearances. The longevity of his career means that he is a genuine link from a much-loved era and the days of Johnny Carson, all the way through to today where he can frequently be seen on all the late night chat shows such as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, and most poignantly of all The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Don Rickles’ Upcoming Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His comic talent made Don Rickles a star and with an opportunity to see him live in his upcoming show in Las Vegas, Nevada you will be able to see an artist whose longevity not just in terms of his age, but also his career as a comedy performer is to be admired greatly. On stage, he has the energy of someone half his age, and the comic timing that only a comedy genius of his standing could possibly hope to deliver.

Don Rickles is as at home in Las Vegas, as was many of the greats who are sadly no longer with us such as Elvis Presley, Liberace and of course the 'Rat Pack' of Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr and the others. He has performed on the stages of Las Vegas for almost 60 years which must qualify him for must be some kind of record. 

His nicknames of 'The Merchant of Venom' or 'Mr. Warmth' give you a clue to sort of comedy you are going to hear. It will be sharp, his 'victims' will not be spared, but it is humor that doesn't need an 'R' certificate. Don Rickles once described his humor as "Laughter with Love" and those are as apt words as any to describe what you will experience when you see Don Rickles’ upcoming show in Nevada.

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