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Don Mclean sang a famous American pie song which even up to date a substantial number of people have not comprehended the meaning of the song. The song hit the airwaves in 1971 and remain one of the most discussed and debated songs in America. The song reached the top of the billboard 100 charts in a matter of days and sold close to four million copies within a span of weeks.

The song provoked endless discussion all around the states and the cast of characters remain controversial even up to date. Donald was clearly depicting the true state of America through a series of lyrics. The song takes us through a period of ten years and the experiences the American people through this span.

The late 1950 up to early 1970 is the period the American cultures and politics reshaped. Numerous social and political movements arose which changed the dynamics of the cultures and the political thinking. The American pie talked of the position the Americans found themselves in, the dreams they had, and challenges they faced.

Don takes through the said period when he began by mentioning the death of singer Buddy Holly and concluding with the ill fated concert at Altamont motor speedway. All these took place in the 1950s and 1960s. This is the period the effects of the world war two had hit the world in both the positive and negative ways.

The period from 1950 is dearly viewed as the period the pride of the Americans soared. The people were confident due to the triumph of American troops in the world war. The values and cultures of the people radically changed. People could then own big homes and buy big cars. The period marked a notable transition.

The American can pie is well choreographed. It takes one through a series of events which led to the American lifestyles we know today. Don Mclean will forever remain a legend for it was few people who understood his lyrics.

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Don McLean Tickets

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