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Defending The Caveman Tickets

Defending the Caveman TicketsDefending the Caveman Tickets Las Vegas

Venue: Improv Comedy Club

Defending the Caveman has been around since the prehistoric ages, just kidding. The show originated in New York on Broadway in 1991 and has been moving west ever since, at a little more than a glacial place. Currently, Defending the Caveman tickets are available to see Kevin Burke breaking down the differences between the sexes for an hour at a time at the The Improv at Harrah’s every night at 7 pm and additional 4 pm shows on Sunday and Monday.


Originally written by Rob Decker and expanded upon every year since, Defending the Caveman is a treat for both men and women. This makes it a perfect show for couples. The caveman in stage uses social and psychological evolution to break down the differences. For men, it means being focused on the game and not whatever his wife may be talking about because his ancestor had to be focused Defending the Cavemanwhile hunting. For women, this means weekly shopping excursions and shoe shopping because of the role as gathers in the wild. Simple, huh? All this began because of consistent fighting between Decker and his wife.


This is a show to which everyone can relate, which is why Burke is one of more than two dozen performers to take this production to 45 different countries and touch on the frustrating differences in 30 different languages. Defending the Caveman is the perfect relationship counselor, allowing both parties to laugh with and at each other and being much cheaper than an actual therapy session.


Defending the Caveman is a terrific show in its overall simplicity. Burke arrives in jeans and a T-shirt (to would be difficult to imagine a caveman in a tux) and walks onto the stage. That stage of a living room comprised of modern furniture fashioned out of material to make it appear like the set of the Flintstones. This show has been destined for Vegas since its beginning, where the human nature in its most basic forms are not only allowed, but encouraged and celebrated.

Defending the Caveman Tickets

Defending the Caveman Tickets

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