Cold Play Tickets In Vegas

Coldplay Vegas Concert Tickets

Coldplay Vegas Concert Tickets

Are you ready for Coldplay Vegas tour?

In just a few months, Coldplay, the British rock band will be landing in Vegas in their “A head full of dreams” tour. The show is expected to take place in the T-mobile Arena on 1ST of September and the MGM Grand Garden Arena on 18th of the same month. If you are looking for a badass rock concert in Vegas this year, then this is a show you should never miss.

The Coldplay concerts are known for driving massive crowds crazy. If you have attended any of their shows, then you understand me when I say that the earlier you get your ticket, the better. In the Coldplay Vegas tour, things are expected to be even more heated. At the end of last year, the band promised to make 2016 a year of memorable experiences to its diehard fans. The forthcoming Vegas concerts are the most awaited this year.


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What makes the Vegas tour special?

According to Chris Martin and the team, “A head full of dreams” is probably the last chance for their fans to see them perform live. The band is expected to take an indefinite break once they are done performing in support of their latest album. This means that unlike past shows, this year concerts will be a bit different. The Coldplay Vegas tour will not be about the new album only, but fans will enjoy some of the band’s oldest songs.

You will have a chance to request your favorite song. 

If you have a particular song that you would love to see performed on the stage, you might be on the luck. Coldplay will be taking fans requests in this farewell tour. However, don’t assume it will come that easily. According to Martin, the band will only play your song if you convince them on why it should be played. 

They will have something like a passport photo booth where anyone with a special request will go in and say something like “I am Dick, I would like you to play “this song” because……….” If your request convinces them, then your wish will be granted.

Las Vegas is already warming up for the tour. 

The Coldplay Vegas tour is probably one of the most awaited events in Nevada this year. In the next one month, the demand for tickets to the concert is expected to go through the roof. This being their last show, the number of fans looking to attend is expected to be very high. If you are looking to save some money and get the best experience in the concert, this is the best time to buy tickets.

This time round, it might not rain confetti butterflies. 

If there is something that makes Coldplay shows exhilarating, it is how unpredictable they are. The band is known for its creativity in stage setting and the most amazing lighting choice. There are times when they have gone an extra mile to surprise their fans with the most unimaginable things. Among its most revered concerts is the one that it surprised its fans with electronic wristbands that could glow to the rhythm of the music. The wristbands are estimated to have cost the band over six hundred and forty thousand dollars.

The forthcoming Coldplay Vegas tour might be another chance for the rock band fans to be treated to something amazing. The “A head full of dreams” tour is expected to feature high-tech pyrotechnic visuals and laser lights. The glowing wristbands commonly known as the Xylobands will also be a central part of the show visual design. 

Brace yourself for the most amazing opening act. 

During the Coldplay Vegas tour, the Canadian R&B and pop musician, Alessia Cara, will perform as the supporting act. The singer, who will be turning 20 during the tour, will be performing to promote her latest album “Know- It- All.”

Coldplay fans will get a chance to witness a live performance of this upcoming musician who is taking the pop industry by a storm since last year. She will be trailing Coldplay in the European and North American tours.

You never know, the POTUS might show up. 

In the “A head full of dreams” album, there is a snippet where President Obama is featured singing The Amazing Grace. According to Chris Martin, Obama is one of their greatest fans, and being the president of the United States, the band saw it fit to insert his voice in one of the songs. Even though it is common knowledge that it would take Obama fifty throat surgeries to become an average musician, rock fans would never hate to see their fellow dreamer on stage.

Probably you didn’t know; it all starts in a bakery. 

You might be a diehard fan of Coldplay, but did you know that their headquarters and practice space is in a faceless building that was once a bakery. If you have been wondering where their inspiration comes from, then you are now in the know. There is nothing as inspiring to a rock band as operating in a dark old building with bread crumbs from the 18th century sticking out of the walls.

The Coldplay Vegas tour will be an opportunity for fans to get the best of the band since it started performing live shows back in 2003.

Why you should get your ticket right away. 

As you already know, the Coldplay Vegas tour is one of the greatest rock music concerts ever to happen in North America. For rock fans, it is one of the most important tours in the history of the world most popular rock bands. With the “A head full of dreams” tour being a farewell, the concert is expected to draw a large number of fans. After the tour, the band will be taking a break for an indefinite period.

If you would wish to enjoy their performance to the full, you have to make sure that you are in the front rows for a better view. You can buy your tickets now to ensure that, come the big day, you will enter the arena as early as possible. With us, you will enjoy the best of services. 

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