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Charlie Daniels Las Vegas TicketsCharlie Daniels Las Vegas Tickets

A legendary American singer, Charlie Daniels has been an active singer and songwriter since 1950s. Born in 1938 as Charles Edward, he has over the decades been one of the world’s greatest songwriters, guitarist, fiddler and singer with many records under his name. These include a one time worlds number one country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. It is this among other hits song that he will be presenting in the upcoming Charlie Daniels Las Vegas concert.

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Rise to Stardom

Charlie’s musical life started in young age. Before graduating from high school, he was accomplished in playing the guitar, fiddle, banjo and Mandolin. He later performed in a number of bands before forming his own known as “Jaguars” at the age of 21.
He recorded his first album in 1959 in collaboration with the late Bob Johnson but failed to make a hit. In 1963, he wrote a song that was done by Elvis Presley and became an international hit that gave him recognition. He dissolved his band and went on to become a session musician producing a number of albums
In the early 1970s, he formed the Charlie Daniels band that started gaining fame in 1973. Their fame continued to rise steadily until the 1990s when they started to lose out. During the band’s high season, they were able to release a number of hit songs that made it to the top 100 alongside being popular for life performances.

Other Musical Engagements

When not with his band, Charlie was never away from the music quarters. He worked with various groups and organizations. Among them is the Marshall Tucker band where he featured in a number of albums including “a new life” “Carolina dreams” and “long hard drive”. Another was the low hitting album dabbed “Hank Williams, Jr. and Friends” produced in 1975. Over the years, he has been staging live performances within Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. His live performances continued to gain popularity even after his records started to sink. His latest musical engagements include gospel and Christian hits that he released from year 2000.

Musical Achievements and Awards

In decades of his career, Charlie Daniel has managed a number of achievements. Alongside making it to the top 100 hits, in 1979 he won the Grammy award for the best country vocal performance on the single “the devil went down to Georgia”. This managed up to the 3rd best position on the top 100. The hit song was also selected as the sound tract for a movie titled “Urban Cowboy” where Charlie also made a physical appearance. “Devil” as the track was popularly known also made it on the airwaves receiving massive airplay on rock radio stations.
Owing to his continued presence in music, he received an invitation and induction to the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. This was subsequently followed by recognition and acceptance to the musical hall of fame and museum in 2009. This is alongside building massive following of country music lovers who continuously yearn for his new records to hit the stage.

Charlie Daniels Las Vegas concert

Decades of musical experience and passion are among the descriptions expected at Charlie Daniels Las Vegas concert. The event will be held at Orleans Showroom a spacious entertainment venue at Orleans Hotel and Casino. Concert will be held on 11th and 12 December 2015.

Eligibility to Attend the Concert

Charlie Daniels is a musical legend whose fan base spans over the decades. To be eligible for this concert all that is required is thirst for great classical music by a legend. You will also be required to acquire a Charlie Daniels’s band ticket. This means that everyone keen on listening to country classics is welcome to the event.

Why Attend the Concert

Since the genre of country music was established, it has remained a great source of inspiration for many. With such compositions featuring different topics, fans are treated to an experience where they are engaged to sing along making it more exiting. This is alongside enjoying the beautiful voices of the singer live.
Orleans Hotel and casino is a spacious venue that has played host to many concerts with adequate room for fans. This means there will be adequate room for fans who will be attending the event. Purchasing the tickets therefore guarantee an opportunity to enjoy the legend life and at close proximity.

What the Concert Will Feature

Over the decades, Charlie has managed to produce over 30 studio records. More to this he created 54 solo productions among others that have made him a big choice for life performances. Even after his band going down, live performances for the band continue to flourish. 
Including his one time number one single, the band has a lot to offer and their basket inexhaustible. Despite changing members with time, the band has massive experience and expertise in live performance that will keep the crowd thrilled for the whole night. As you prepare to attend, acquit with the legends popular hits that will surely rock the night and sing along to his outstanding and remarkable voice.


A country music legend, Charlie Daniels will surely rock Las Vegas. Ensuring you get a ticket to the event early enough is the only way to ensure you will not miss the opportunity. Tickets to the Charlie Daniels Las Vegas show are already on sale giving ample time to get the tickets from your preferred dealer.

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