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Bryan Adams Tickets

Bryan Adams Vegas Concert Tickets

Bryan Adams Las Vegas Concert Tickets

If you are a fan of Bryan Adams, you all be happy to hear that he is coming to Las Vegas. In fact you can see Bryan Adams in Vegas on both July 2nd and July 3rd, 2016. He'll be playing at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan both nights. It will be a popular concert, so you'll want to get your tickets as soon as possible.

Check Out Bryan Adams in Vegas

If you've never seen Bryan Adams perform before, and even if you have, you'll find that The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan is a great venue. The Chelsea has 40,000 square-feet of space that can actually be transformed depending on what the artist requires.

From "Cuts Like a Knife," to Today's Hits

Born November 5,1959, Bryan Adams started his career early in life. By the time he was seventeen, he was part of the Vancouver, Canada studio world. Even at that young age, he was singing backup for local Canadian artists as well as Robbie King who was a keyboardist for Motown. 

Most fans were introduced to Adams with his first single, "Cuts Like a Knife," from the album of the same name. It was his first single to hit the top ten on the American charts. Afterwards, there was no looking back. 

When the full album was released in 1983, it catapulted him to fame in the United States, and when he released, a year later, his album, "Reckless," that is when he achieved world fame. 

With his 2016 tour, you can expect to hear many of the old favorites, but also work from his new album which was released in October of 2015.

Check Out Bryan Adams's New Album

Bryan's new album titled, "Get Up," was a collaboration with Jim Vallance. He and Bryan co-wrote the album and have been working together for many years. The album was produced by Jeff Lynne, and is the first album with new material that Bryan has put out since 2008. 

Critics say that Adams has gone back to his beginning when writing these new songs, and you can expect to enjoy his blue-collar rock and roll that he is known and loved for. One of the great things about Bryan Adams is that his enthusiasm comes through in every song he signs and performs. You can tell he loves his rock-n-roll and he loves performing it for his fans. 

Not only does he offer the new tracks in the traditional rock-n-roll mode, but four of the tracks are also done as acoustic numbers as well on the new album which gives you a little something extra to enjoy. Most likely, you'll get to experience both when you see Bryan Adams in Vegas.

With this new album, Adams stays true to his roots of hard hitting drums, bass and guitar, and if you're a fan that enjoys such things, you'll love this album and love hearing these new songs in concert. 

Experiencing Bryan Adams in Vegas

For those fans that have seen a Bryan Adams concert before, you know the fun you've got waiting for you when he hits the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you haven't seen Adams in concert before, here's a little of what you can expect. At 56 years of age and counting, you may think that he might have slowed down a bit, but you'd be wrong.

Although not twenty years old any longer, Bryan Adam's voice is as strong and clear as it always was. You can expect to hear good singing and playing throughout the show. Adams does his best to move around to all parts of the stage to ensure that all his fans can get a good look at who they have come to see. He is a real showman in that he has the ability to engage everyone in the audience no matter where they are sitting in the house. 

In addition, Adam's lead guitarist, Keith Scott, shows off his skills on the guitar and why he is so important to this band. The interaction between Bryan and Keith will have you wanting to get your cell phone out to document the moment and enjoy it again and again.

Plan to Dance in Your Seat

Typically, Adams is going to start the show off with a new number. One you may not be familiar with, but as the night gets going, the older numbers will begin to show up as well. That's when the audience starts to hit high gear. Bryan eats up the audience's excitement and plays off of it. In fact, keeping people in their seats and out of the isles, can be a difficult task for the ushers, and chances are, things will be the same with Bryan Adams in Vegas. 

There's a chance you will also get to experience Bryan performing a couple of acoustic numbers, by himself, at the end of the evening. While this certainly brings the tempo down a bit, it gives him a way to truly show off his signing and playing ability. It is also a mellower way to end the evening.  

The truth of the matter is when it comes to a Bryan Adam's performance, no matter where it is performed, you can plan to experience highs, lows, and good old rock-n-roll by a master at his craft. 

The bottom line, when it is time to check out some live music, it's time to check out Bryan Adams in Vegas. He is the perfect performer playing at the perfect venue. Then after the concert, you can continue your fun all night long. There's not many towns you can say that about, so check out the Bryan Adam's concert in Vegas, and have a night of your life. You'll be glad you did because when it comes to Bryan Adams, there is always something new to watch. 


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