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Brian McKnight Tickets

Brian McKnight Vegas Concert TicketsBrian McKnight Las Vegas Concert Tickets

Well it said that Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, where all that happens and takes place in Vegas stays in Vegas. Where else can concerts be thus held besides this living city? It is for this reason that organizers and producers of events worldwide work tirelessly to secure grounds for concerts in this luxurious city. Movie makers and artists as well shoot many videos and movies in this city making it one of the most visited and sought after cities in the world. It is said that anyone who comes to America and does not visit Las Vegas has not entirely stepped foot in America. It is for this reason that Mr. Brian McKnight had his organizers plan for one of his greatest concerts in this amazing living city. A concert that will forever stick in many minds for years to come. A concert that will surpass history and be one of the greatest ever to be organized.

Whether he wrote and produced for himself or collaborated with the likes of Diddy, the Underdogs, and Tim & Bob, he enjoyed moderate commercial success without ever quite becoming a superstar.  This, along with a down-to-earth personality and a catalog heavy on mellow material, may have helped McKnight for the sake of longevity; he made his first mark during the tail end of the new jack swing era and, nearly 20 years later, shared chart space with singers half his age.

Brian McKnight holds a Grammy record for 16 nominations without a win.

The Man, Mr. Brian McKnight

Before we divulge too much into this city’s particulars, let us focus on the man of the moment, Mr. Brian McKnight. It is no doubt that Mr. Brian McKnight is one of the most celebrated singers of all time. Born and raised in New York, Mr. Brian McKnight has proven to be one of the greatest R&B singers of all time. It is therefore very vital to note that Mr. McKnight having a concert at Las Vegas will mean a lot to very many people. But who is Brian McKnight anyway?

McKnight’s Musical Journey

Brian McKnight was born on 5th of June 1965 in New York, United States. He was born in a Christian family and this is what mentored Brian McKnight to become the good singer that he is right now. In early 1990’s, McKnight started off his singing career in church. It is during that time that the McKnight Brothers formed a band called Take 9. This band was to later on sign million dollar deals with music producers including the Warner Brothers. This encouraged him to go solo and he thus got his demos out there supplying it to radio station and stores. This got his name out there and established him as a solo R&B artist. In 1992, Mr. Brian McKnight released his first debut album which gave him his first relevant airplay and sold copies all over. His talent was likened to R&B big wigs such as Babyface and Luther Vandross. Overtime, Mr. Brian McKnight has so;d over 20 million copies worldwide.

Nominations and awards

Mr. Brian McKnight has been nominated and won for several awards including Grammy and MTV Awards. In 1997 Mr. Brian McKnight’s album Anytime’ was nominated for Grammys having sold over two million copies. This particular album also won Best Male Video at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA’s) in 1998. In 1999, Mr. Brian McKnight released his other album Back at One’ selling over three million copies. This particular album is famous for it went triple platinum. I could go all day telling you how talented and well established this artist was and why going to listen to him would make your ears permanently soulful. However, Mr. Brian McKnight albums Superhero’ (released in 2001) was one of the most successful releases of all time as it featured several powerful collaborations including Nate Dogg, Timberlake and Fred Hammond. This album reached the seventh best album in the Billboard Charts. This album earned him three Grammy nominations in 2002.Other artist he has also ever worked with includes Jermaine Dupri, Vanessa Williams and Nelly among many others. In total, this talented artist has received a total of 16 Grammy nominations. It is sad, though, that he has never won an award to his name.

McKnight, the Talented and diverse artist.

Mr. Brian McKnight has proven himself as an established and successful artist cutting across all genres. In addition to this, Mr. Brian McKnight has proven himself as a versatile artist with collaborations with all kinds of artists. This made Mr. Brian McKnight diversify and try out his luck in stage especially Broadway in 2007 in Chicago. Mr. Brian McKnight later on had a radio talk show called The Brian McKnight Morning Show’ which he hosted for four years before advancing to TV where he hosted a late night talk show.


When viewers and users of Brian McKnight’s productions were reached for comments, they describe Brian McKnight as one of the most talented and versatile artists of all time. He could deliver and impact with one blow. One particular user described him as having an angel’s voice. 

Las Vegas Concert

Brian McKnight has toured very many places having concerts all over the world and I think this Las Vegas concert is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Brace yourselves people of Las Vegas, Brian McKnight will be in Las Vegas from 31st of July from 8:00pm. This multi-talented artist will be performing at The Smith Centre for Performing Arts –Reynolds Hall. The venue is at 361 Symphony Park Avenue Las Vegas Nevada 89106.People are expected to throng this venue due to the availability, comfort, serenity and accessibility of this particular hall. The performances in line by this talented artist are expected to deliver a worthwhile concert that will probably go down in history. Mr. Brian McKnight has however been on tour the whole of the year from concerts in California, to Philadelphia and even Arizona. Las Vegas has also come right on time with the 31st July weekend expected to have his performance as a main event.

McKnight has been respected by similar industry players because of his dedication, so much that he has learnt to play 9 instruments. This assures the attendees of the concert of a life-changing experience that will not only motivate but also appeal to many. I know I can hardly wait for that concert, can you?

It is therefore vital to note that Mr. Brian McKnight has established himself as one of the most talented artists of all time with several nominations to his name. I am therefore quite sure that the people of Las Vegas cannot wait for Mr. Brian McKnight to step his feet in Las Vegas.



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