World Series of Poker Main Event

The 45th annual World Series of Poker $10,000 no-limit Hold’em Championship – otherwise known as the Main Event. What started out with 6,683 players from 87 different countries is down to its final nine players. “The November Nine” – an international diverse group who are all after the same prize – $10 million and poker’s most coveted title, check out one of the best poker online. Poker wouldn’t be poker without bluffing or cheating, now if you want to avoid those nuisances to your nose while you’re sleeping or on the couch, consult the experts at and enjoy the world of poker.

The final nine come together November 10 to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The final nine players represent 6 countries – Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the United States. All hoping for a chance to win pokers ultimate trophy – a WSOP gold bracelet and the bulk share of the Main Events $62,820,200 total prize money. Top winner gets a wopping $10 million and the other eight players sharing another $18,480,121. Beginner players always want to understand more about the way to make money in Poker Online QQ Casinos. it isn’t magic, you know. Yes, there are folks who enter a casino one night and win $500. But, that’s random luck or variance and it’s nice when that happens. But, you’ll lose $500 even as easily. So, that’s not the thanks to make money from poker casinos. If you are looking for a good slot online you can visit this site สล็อต and play the games you enjoy.

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Here is a list of the “November Nine” and chip counts.

Billy Pappconstantinou, USA $17,500,00,
Felix Stephensen, Norway $32,775,000,
Jorryt van Hood Netherlands $38,375,000,
Mark Newhouse USA $26,000,000,
Andoni Larrabe Spain $22,550,000
William Tonkin USA $15,050.000
Daniel Sindelar USA $21,200,000
Martin Jacobson Sweden $14,900,000
Bruno Politano Brazil $12,125,000

Mark Newhouse from America became the first ever WSOP player to make it to back to back main event final tables. The November Nine dates back to 2008 when the final event was paused until November to come back for the final table.

The event is free for patrons and members of to attend and watch the activities but you must be 21 to observe the action per gaming regulations and to play any slot game like boomtown slots. The Rio has thought of everything right down to the masseuse attendants for the players if needed. Some rules for anyone thinking of participating you must be 21 years of age the day the event starts. For those who can’t join in the event but still wants to gamble online such as betting on their favorite soccer team, you can trust

The age requirement to participate in the Seniors event is 50 on the start day. You must register two weeks prior to the beginning of the event. Although, on idnpoker you just need to be an adult to play and have fun gambling at home. If you are pre-registered you are guaranteed the starting day of your choice. You do not have to pre-register you are able to walk into the Rio and sign up in person for any event up til event begins. But capacity is limited so pre-registering is a great option for players. You must register yourself and you may not transfer your spot to anyone else. However, if you cancel you will receive a refund there is a cancellation and refund policy as outlined in the 2014 WSOP rules available on their website.

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