Water Lantern Festival

Las Vegas is known for having some of the biggest music events across the world, such as Life is Beautiful and EDC, but the city hosts a different type of festival for all guests. One of these life changing experiences is known as the Water Lantern Festival. This event allows family, friends, and lovers to come together to embrace the beauty of life as they release lanterns into a body of water. The event, hosted by the company One World, aims to provide an emotional escapade to its guests, by allowing the guests to decorate their own lanterns, either with a letter to a loved one or a list of hopes and dreams. The guests then release these lanterns into the body of water at sunset, imitating a form of release of these words. The event is also filled with lots of music, food, and overflowing love and support. 

“It was such an incredible experience. I am so grateful I got to attend. When you see all the lanterns out on the water there is a moment where you feel your heart just fill with so much love it’s indescribable, almost a spiritual experience,” says Christy, a previous attendee. 

The Water Lantern Festival started in 2018, touring across 34 cities across the United States. Now, 2 years later, the festival has seen a total of over 1,000,000 attendees and the company is planning to host over 100 festivals across both the United States and Canada. Las Vegas has been a part of the tour for several years now, and participants continue to anticipate its return. 

The 2020 Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival will take place on March 14th at Sunset Park. Those who are interested in going can visit their website for more information. Those who purchase a ticket will receive a floating lantern kit with an LED candle, a drawstring bag, wristbands for the food trucks, and more. The event is open to all ages, so anyone can come. 

Those who are worried about the environmental concerns about releasing lanterns into the water need not to worry: the company works diligently to make sure that each lantern is picked up after the event, and they even extend their effort to clean up trash around the area. In addition, the lanterns are made from rice paper and wood so they can be as eco-friendly as possible. They also reuse all the candles. 

The event is one of the many lantern festivals that take place in the valley. Another popular festival is the Rise Festival, which holds the same idea as the Water Lantern Festival, but instead attendees release the lights into the sky. This event will take place in Las Vegas later in the year.  

Don’t miss your chance for this uplifting experience!