The Men That Are Blue

Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupThere are some things in this world that none of us will ever know. What is the meaning of life, was there a second gunman on the grassy null, or how does someone turn three guys, who are covered in blue paint and hitting PVC pipes, into a smash hit on the Las Vegas strip? This smash hit is known as the Blue Man Group.

The Blue Man Group, which is at the Venetian Hotel, has three blue men, who are always exploring the world around them with a lot of curiosity. The result of this curiosity is marshmallows being thrown, paint being spit, Twinkies being the main course for dinner, making music out of PVC pipe, and having tons of paper covering the audience.

The show contains many random objects and events, but everything is used in a way that will make you laugh your head off. The Blue Man Group even presents you with facts about the world in a way that your teachers at school would have never dreamed of doing.

The Blue Man Group also has a lot of visual effects to enhance the audience’s experience. Lighted up stick figures come out of the walls and dance around, modern plumping is explained, and statues dance like there is no tomorrow.

Most shows in Las Vegas keep to a certain theme. Cirque Du Soleil is exciting, Lance Burton is mysterious, and Frank Caliendo is hilarious. Blue Man Group is an unusual show because it contains all three of these qualities. If you don’t know which show to see, start by buying a Blue Man Group ticket and it will be like buying every other show ticket on the strip and seeing them all in one night.