The Ever Popular Donny and Marie at Flamingo

The Donny and Marie Osmond variety show spectacular takes place currently at the 750-seat  Flamingo Showroom inside the world famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino and showcases the duo’s greatest hits from their more than thirty-year singing career.  The siblings have been performing together since they were kids.  Donny began playing with their brothers as, The Osmond Brothers, on “The Andy Williams Show” before embarking out on his solo career during the ‘70s. Donnie Osmond was very successful and earned 18 Gold records while also releasing several hit singles before teaming up with sister Marie on the weekly TV Variety Show “The Donny And Marie Show.” This endeavor made them the youngest television hosts on the air at the time.  Fans still come from all over to hear the live performance of Marie Osmonds “Paper Roses,” for which she received a Grammy Nomination. Marie Osmond began her successful career on a different path taking to country music over the pop music her brothers were having wild success with.  The 90-minute Donny and Marie show at the Flamingo Showroom has the siblings backed by eight dancers and a nine-piece band.  Donny and Marie sing together at the beginning and the end and have solo pieces in the middle of the show. The show earned three of the Las Vegas Review Journals Best of Awards including “Best Show,” “Best All-Around Performer,” (Donny and Marie)  and “Best Singer.” Osmond won “Best Singer” for a second time in 2013.  Donny and Marie put on a phenomenal show with an abundant of audience interaction and lots of back and forth banter between the singing sibling hosts. The show is fun, exciting, and full of the Osmonds timeless hits and with an age restriction of 8 and older the show is perfect for most families looking for a great concert experience that the whole family can enjoy.  The dynamic Osmond siblings are young and hip enough to captivate a group of teens and wholesome enough to encourage your Grandparents to come out and enjoy the show too! With the impressive musical skill set, these two performers possess it’s no wonder Las Vegas is holding onto them.  Very few performing artists have careers that span decades much less most of a lifetime and the Osmonds have accomplished both. Fans can expect hit songs from across the decades like Donny’s “Go Away Little Girl,” as well as the Osmonds ever popular duet “I’m Leaving It All Up To You.” Plus many more fan favorites from their more than thirty-year long catalog of choices.