Seattle Hockey and VGN Prices

The latest release of NHL Seattle season tickets have fans shocked to say the least. It’s a tough reality to swallow when your team announces a 44-game package will cost from $12,540 to $15,620 for the 2,600 premium seats that are available. Though hockey hasn’t always been the cheapest seats to purchase, fans are grasping their hearts as they decide if the season is really worth it. However, Seattle prices are only competing with other large cities such as Las Vegas and New York when it comes to their premium seats for a season. 

Seattle tried to ease the blow by announcing starting next year season tickets will only be $50 per night, but that’s still on the sport’s higher end. On the lower end of seat options we have Anaheim offering one game tickets for $13.50, Colorado offering for $14.70 and Columbus for $24.00.
Hockey is considered one of the most expensive sports, though the players get paid similar to other professional sports such as baseball, the revenue from national television is decreased. The fan ticket sales in Seattle will make up the loss in revenue as well as assist to set off the estimated $930 million cost to rebuild the Key Arena. 

NHL Seattle is requiring a minimum three-year contract attached to these premium seats. Fans that purchased season tickets for themselves and a friend will be signing away between $75,240 and $93,720. Even with the contracts in place, NHL Seattle is claiming that over 80% of the luxury suites have been sold already.