Pink Concert at T-Mobile Arena April 12th

If you are a pop rock fan then brace yourself for one of the best pop rock singers on Friday 12 April 2019. Avid Pink, a renowned Grammy award winner, a powerhouse vocalists set to deliver her pop spectacles,to perform live at T Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. This will be part of her critically acclaimed tour for which she expects to do live performances to her fans in different continents.

Beautiful Trauma Album
The Pennsylvania born songwriter and artists will be performing songs from her 7th Album – Beautiful Trauma and from the songs in the album, she sure has a lot to let off her chest, and if you are one of her fans, then you don’t want to miss this concert. The album marked her seventh record since 2012 when she released The Truth About Love and which did exceptionally well. The current album has not only thrilled her fans but also left them gasping for more.

Pink is one of the few performers who will show up at a concert and make her fans are thrilled. First, she is fascinating because she does not just show up on stage and lip syncs her way through the concert. She performs and makes her fans happy and satisfied. Listening to Pink’s songs alone is thrilling, and her concerts offer her fans a chance not only to listen and see her perform live but also to share the moment with them.

Las Vegas is probably known as one of the best places for concerts and shows. Most performers always select it as the best place they would like to perform. Moreover, a majority of people both in and outside the united states always want to visit Las Vegas even once in their lifetime. Apart from being a perfect place for concerts, Las Vegas is also has a strong live music scene.

Pink has a solid fan base and if you are one of her fans or even critics and you live in Las Vegas or can make it to T Mobile Arena on the 4th of April 2019, then brace, yourself, this is an opportunity for you to see and share a moment with one of the best pop-rock songwriters and performers. T Mobile Arena is definitely expected to be in a frenzy on the day Pink performers, and you wouldn’t want to miss such a historic moment.