Payments for Raiders Season Tickets are Coming Due

As the Oakland Raiders prepare for their move to the Silver State, fans prepare to pay their dues for the 2020 season. The season tickets range for 10 home games from $650 to club seats at $3,500. 
Fans who purchased a personal seat license, a specific seat in the stadium and the exclusive right to purchase Raiders home games each season, are given two different payment options. They are able to pay the entire ticket price prior to November 15, or they can begin a payment plan starting that day. The payment plan will be broken down in six monthly payments ending in April. 

Being able to have the tickets in their hands prior to the season was something the fans of Silver and Black expressed their interest in. 
For those fans that paid the entire amount up front are eligible for a gift or two such as a trip for two to next year’s Super Bowl, two field passes for a home game, a custom jersey, gift cards to the team store, autographed memorabilia, and discounts on food and beverages during the season. 

The Raiders who currently reside in California but will be moving their new home to Nevada by August of 2020. Their new $2 billion dome stadium, Allegiant Stadium, will be able to house 65,000 fans each game. The stadium will open on July 31, 2020. Allegiant Stadium will also be the new home to the local university’s football games and the Las Vegas Bowl.