Paul McCartney at T-Mobile Arena June 28 & 29

For those who are fans of legendary bands from Liverpool, England like The Beatles or even the ’70s pop sensation, Wings, music fans will be aware of the preeminent British singer, songwriter and musician, Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartneyPaired up with fellow musicians like John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of The Beatles during the ’60s “British Invasion,” Paul McCartney and his mates rose to worldwide fame with albums like Please Please Me, “The White Album” as well as A Hard Day’s Night.

After the breakup of the Beatles, Paul McCartney put together a British-American rock group in 1971 with wife, Linda, Denny Laine remained on guitar from the beginning of Wings, through to the end of the the band’s existence. While Wings had its share of drummers and keyboardists through its ten years of existence producing albums, Paul McCartney and the band was able to churn out ten hit singles.

Today Sir Paul McCartney brings his extensive catalog of songs like “Hey Jude,” “Helter Skelter” and even a few Wing’s tunes like “Band On The Run,” “Jet” and “Live And Let Die” to many legions of diehard fans who are looking to rekindle their love of this ex-Beatle’s awesome musical repertoire. And even newer fans will be in for a treat with the type of energy that Sir Paul can bring while in concert.

The good news for rock music lovers is that McCartney brings a fresh perspective for those who want to sing, clap and dance along to the energy that Sir Paul and his band can bring to the US. Paul McCartney is sure to be embraced by the hoards of welcoming cheers of fans when he visits the masses who want to see a living legend like Sir Paul to play in concert in Las Vegas, NV.