PAC 12 Womens Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas

The Pac 12 women’s basketball tournament is an exciting event. But, this year the event is gonna be more exciting.
After 6 years in Seattle, this year this basketball tournament will be in Las Vegas.

When will this event take place ?
Pac 12 Womens Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas will start from March 7 and it will continue to March 10 ( 2019).

Which teams will participate?
In this women’s basketball event different universities will participate. The names of the universities are –

1. Arizona State University.

2. University of California Berkeley.

3. University of Colorado Boulder.

4. University of Arizona.

5. University of Utah.

6. University of Washington.

7. University of Arizona.

8. Oregon State University.

9. Stanford University.

10. University of Southern California.

11. University of Oregon.

12. Washington State University.

Before 2019 the tournament is never played in Las Vegas. The MGM grand arena is going to be a dazzling witness of this tournament.

The other good news is that, both the men’s and women’s basketball tournament will be held in the same city. This is really exciting as this has never happened before. For nba fantasy fans, they can play the game online at the same time as well and win some existing prizes too.

The events will attract more attentions as the double excitements will have a very close date. The men and women tournaments have a very short difference in their dates of occurrences. For the spectators it will be grand a chance to enjoy both of these tournaments in a gorgeous city like Los Angeles.

The quality of this pac 12 women’s basketball tournament is supreme. It has successfully drawn a huge crowd. On the other side, men’s basketball tournament is equally successful.

Just imagine the fan’s excitement when two of these famous events will occur.
Apart from this, the pac 12 women’s basketball will be in Las Vegas for another year. 2019 and 2020, both the years will observe the tournaments. Every year the men’s tournament and the women’s tournament will be almost at the same time.
These Pac 12 Womens Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas shouldn’t be missed. The excitement of the roaring fans is really rare to experience.
Every basketball fan should present there to experience this epic event.