Mayweather vs McGregor T-Mobile Arena Aug 26th

After the back and forth taunts between two of the greatest fighters for over a year now, what is now being called the greatest boxing match in boxing history between 40-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr, said to be one of the greatest boxers of his time and 28 year old Connor McGregor, the reigning UFC lightweight champion and former UFC heavyweight champion, is set to take place on 28th of August in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

After approval by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the fight date was announced at the MGM Grand. Mayweather took to his social media to announce the news by saying “it’s official “and hours later McGregor also posted a photo of Floyd Mayweather Sr and himself saying “The fight is on.”

The two fighters, though in different fields are the best at what they do. Connor McGregor although very young has a very impressive resume. He is the youngest person in UFC to simultaneously win two division belts consecutively after knocking out featherweight champion Jose Aldo in a title fight record of 13 seconds in 2015. He has been off since defeating Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight championship in November because of his newborn son.

Mayweather’s greatest victories include boxing against the best of the best boxers in the world like Oscar De La Hoya, Diego Corrales, Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao in 2015. He had retired in 2015 as the best pound-for-pound fighter in 2015 after defeating Andre Berto. With his supreme boxing skills and his great dodging tactics, Mayweather is said to be at an advantage in this boxing match. With this win, he will be ahead of former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano who also retired with a perfect 49-0 career record. On the other hand, McGregor is known for his highlight-reel knockouts and his ability to be quick on his feet. Though he is a mixed martial arts fighter and has never engaged in a boxing match before, he is confident about this win. Beating the biggest boxing star of this history, undefeated would put a turn in the boxing world and set a precedent like never before.

Mayweather is said to be fighting a larger, younger, faster and more energetic opponent who though not experienced in boxing, has a vast experience in combat sports and general fights. This is a match that people will be talking about until it happens and even years after it happens. It will redefine boxing as a whole as many have called it a true sporting spectacle. It is a once in a lifetime event. This is a definite must watch.