Masters Kim’s BBQ

Those who visit Vegas want to experience all Sin City has to offer including delectable dining from around the world. Whether you are a tourist looking to eat like the locals or a local looking for a new place to experience, VegasTickets has got you covered.  And before that check out cccf once and know what to visit in vegas.

The first restaurant on our Vegas Valley foodie extravaganza we are taking BBQ to a whole new level, Korean style at Master Kim’s BBQ. There are two locations for this foodie stop, Town Square and the South West location off the 215 and Durango. As described on the website Master Kim’s a “Traditional Korean cuisine meets new, modern-day technology.” 

Now I will admit before going to this place, I had never gone to a Korean BBQ place before. I know what you all are thinking and before I am judged for my lack of Korean food experience let me just say, the process was never appealing to me. Why did I have to get dressed up and go out to cook my own food? I did not understand the appeal. But, I will be the first to admit wrong by judging a book by its cover or in this case, a restaurant by its cooking methods. I would suggest you to follow oceannenvironment to know more information.

When my party and I walked in the door it was love at first smell. For those who are like me and have not been before let me explain, at Master Kim’s all the food is cooked on a skillet in the center of the table. The smell of different kinds of deliciously seasoned beef and marinated chicken from each table engulfed the entire restaurant, delighting the noises of those who enter. 

I can feel your taste buds salivating but before I get into all the detail regarding food and how it tasted let me start off by saying, the place was PACKED and I went on a Thursday night. My group and I waited for about 30 minutes to be seated. Fair warning if you can, call ahead of time to see how busy they are, especially If you dine at the Durango location because there is not much of a seating area. 

Once I was seated, my server handed out menus and proceeded to explain the dinning process. The menu had several dining options for different party sizes. You are able to choose an option for All You Can Eat, Combos and A La Carte. Since there were only three of us dining at the time, we decided on the Combo A meal that comes with a variety of sides to share. Even though the menu says the combo serves two people it was more than enough for three. 

Now for the best part of the meal, the cooking, and eating. With our combo, the meats we received were black Angus beef brisket, boneless short rib, marinated short rib, rib-eye steak, pork belly, and chicken. The marinated short rib tool was the table favorite by far followed by the perfectly seasoned chicken. 

The whole experience was worth trying however I do give some precautions. People with plant based diets this place is not for you, there were very few selections of getting simple vegetarian meals. Also if you have any children under the age of 5 you might want to leave them with the babysitter for this night out, just for safety precautions.