Lynrd Skynyrd at T-Mobile Arena Aug.16th

Lynrd Skynyrd is an iconic southern rock band which was founded in Jacksonville Florida in 1964. Three of Lynrd Skynyrd’s most popular tracks are the southern anthem “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Freebird” and “Simple Man”. If you’d love to be able to sing along to Lynrd Skynrd’s timeless songs, don’t miss your chance to attend the Lynrd Skynyrd concert in Vegas In August.

Lynrd Skynyrd is one of the most successful US bands of all time and have released over 60 albums and sold over 30 million tracks and albums. To commemorate Lynrd Skynyrd’s status as rock legends, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted Lynrd Skynryd into their ranks on the 13th of March, 2006.
It’s well worth seeing Lynrd Skynyrd perform live in Las Vegas as not only has their music stood the test of time but back in 1977, no one would’ve predicted that Lynrd Skynyrd would still be performing decades later. Especially after Lynrd Skynyrd’s bandmates were involved in a fatal plane crash in 1977, which unfortunately claimed the lives of three Lyrnd Skynyrd members, founding member Ronnie Van Sant, guitarist, and vocalist Steve Gaines and backup vocalist Cassie Gaines.
Today, Lynrd Skynyrd’s lead vocalist is Ronnie Van Sant’s little brother Johnny Van Sant. Who has been a fully fledged member of Lynyrd Skynyrd since 1987. Not only is Johnny a talented artist in his own right but he has also contributed to writing all of the tracks which Lynrd Skynyrd has released since 1987. So if you’re a fan of some of the band’s more recent tracks, it’s well worth seeing Johnny Van Sant front Lynrd Skynyrd in Vegas.
Are any of the original members of Lynrd Skynryd still performing? Yes, Garry Rossington who was a founding member of Lynrd Skynryd back in 1964, is still a member of the band and will be performing live on stage in Las Vegas.
How did Lynrd Skynyrd get its unique name? Believe it or not, Lynrd Skynyrd was known by the names My Backyard, The Noble Five and One Percent before it was renamed Lynrd Skynyrd in the 1970s. A little earlier in 1969, its bandmates chose to name their band Leonard Skinner, after their shared former physical education teacher, who once harassed the boys for having long hair. As a result of Skinner’s actions, current Lynrd Skynrd member Garry Rossington dropped out of high school early.
Soon after in the early 1970s, the band changed the spelling of their band from Leonard Skinner to its current name, Lynrd Skynyrd. What does Leonard Skinner, think about being the inspiration for one of America’s top rock band’s name? Skinner was one introduced on stage by his fellow students and ended up giving Lyrnd Skynryd permission to use his likeness on the cover of their third studio album. What types of tracks can you expect to hear during the Lynrd Skynyrd vegas concert? Not only will you get to hear classic tracks such as “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Freebird” and “Simple Man”, performed live but you’ll also get to hear some of the band’s most popular tracks from each decade.