Las Vegas NHL Expansion Team Named The Golden Knights

The name of the latest addition to the NHL has been announced, and it is Las Vegas who has introduced a team into the league in time for the 2017 to 2018 season. The Vegas’ Golden Knights, as they will be known, will base themselves in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. This Las Vegas NHL expansion, team is a first for the sport and the area and will join the Pacific Division of the Western NHL Conference as far as it is well known.
Though the naming of the team may not seem like huge news, as Las Vegas was confirmed to enter the league five months ago. For fans, this is a big step towards how their team will be perceived within the sport.
A ceremony on Tuesday stopped the speculation by confirming the team’s name. This occasion, attended by hundreds of fans, also revealed the team’s new logo. Though at this early stage it is impossible to predict how the team might fare, the confirmation of the team name has made something of the years of speculation.

Bill Foley announced the news, stating that he wanted a “logo and the name which was known to be powerful, would epitomize t warrior class.However, the knights are always the epitome of a warrior class, the high of the line in terms of the defending realm, defending unprotected. Therefore this is all part of the cultures we need to create with hockey team.” This idea embodies his vision for the team, which will take them to prominence within the competition.
Historically, Las Vegas has hosted NHL games since 1991 but never participated in the league. NHL awards ceremonies were held in Vegas, but officials did not hint that it was a potential venue for expansion. Speculation was rife around 2009 about relocating the Phoenix Coyotes to Nevada, but it amounted to nothing. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the first major league team to come out of Nevada.

The development of a Las Vegas team has been rumored since 2014. Bill Daly, deputy commissioner of the NHL, continuously denied the speculation about a Las Vegas NHL expansion team at these early stages. The addition of this team is the first expansion of the league since the addition of the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild in 2000.
The terms of the expansion draft were set out in June 2016, after Las Vegas was confirmed to have won the bid. Quebec, the main rival, was deferred for an indefinite period of time. For Las Vegas, this is a big deal: the Vegas’ Golden Knights are the first professional sports franchise of major standing to be based in Sin City.

The team’s jerseys and merchandise will be produced by Adidas and will be available now to fans, so they can stock up before the start of the fall 2017 season. The Vegas’ Golden Knights at the present have the identity and a place in the NHL, an exciting development on their pathway to the league in 2017 as this is most important event ever known.