Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe Closing Down

Situated beside the Hard Rock Hotel, the Hard Rock Cafe near the Paradise Road is practically an institution. Recent reports reveal, however, that this particular Cafe will be shut down as the higher ups decided to focus more on their branch located at The Strip. Despite the sad news, however, the decision is an obvious strategic move as the Las Vegas Strip catches more customers – tourists and locals alike, which should be overall better for the Hard Rock name.
The Hard Rock Cafe at Paradise Road was first opened in the year 1990, the location being a strategic one as it is practically part and parcel of the Hard Rock Hotel. Tourists who decide to do their partying in Las Vegas can therefore spend their nights having fun at the nearby Cafe and still go back safely to their own hotel rooms.
Along with its iconic Guitar sign at the front, the Hard Rock Cafes are known for their extensive collection of hard rock memorabilia, each one proudly displayed within the building. With the Paradise Road location closing down, there is a good chance that any memorabilia will be transferred to the remaining two locations in Las Vegas.
This momentous ‘closing down’ occasion will happen on the 31st of December – which means that Las Vegas will be welcoming the New Year with one less Hard Rock Cafe in its midst.
Employees of the Hard Rock Cafe at Paradise Road will be given priority when it comes to new openings in the Hard Rock chain. More specifically, said employees will be given utmost consideration when it comes to open positions at the two remaining Hard Rock spots in Las Vegas: the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Strip and the Hard Rock LIVE Las Vegas, located at 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South.
Known for having some of the best and most experienced people in the service industry, there is every chance that the old employees will continue on to be part of other Cafe locations.
People visiting Las Vegas for the New Year are encouraged to take their one last look at the Paradise Road Hard Rock Cafe and its iconic guitar as well as open spaced area. Although there are no hard reports yet, there is every chance that this location won’t go down without some awesome partying as the spot counts down the days to its eventual close down.