Kenny G in Vegas Sep. 29th

kenny-gKenny G concert in Vegas is on the 28th September, 2018. If you are a Kenny G fan(or are a fan of good contemporary Jazz) this concert is definitely for you. As great as Kenny G’s multiple albums are, they are not as serenading or beautiful as his live concerts. Being a classically trained musician, Kenny places extra emphasis on his live performances, understanding them to be a superior way to convey his mastery of the saxophone to his audience. His record of sold out concerts and completely satisfied audiences speak for themselves.

Kenny G’s love affair with the saxophone started when he heard it being played on the Ed Sullivan Show’ when he was ten years old. He practiced relentlessly (even getting private lessons) and though was rejected on his first attempt to get in his High School Jazz band, he did not relent (Thank God for us Jazz lovers!). Today, Kenny G is the most successful instrumental musician of our era with over 75 million albums sold worldwide.

Known for his jazz infused take on R&B, pop and Latin music Kenny G is a pioneer in the world of contemporary Jazz. He started his career under Barry White at the age of 17 and continued playing professionally through to his Master’s. He achieved critical success with his albums from 1983 and slowly started gaining mainstream and commercial success with each subsequent album he released. He peaked with the Breathless (released in 1992), his greatest selling album ever! With hits like ongbird’, ilhouette’, he moment’ and others under his belt, Kenny has managed to enthral and amaze audiences for more than four decades. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and countless others.

The Kenny G concert in Vegas is going to be all about the fans (as his concerts always are). An amazing onstage communicator, be prepared to be transported to a realm where the essence of Jazz blends naturally with the flair of Latin music, the tones and tempo of R&B and the peppy upliftment of pop to bring you a musical cocktail unlike any you have had. Get ready to be absolutely punch drunk on music while being invigorated by 2 hours of ar’gasms!

Acknowledged for the smoothness of his saxophone playing (which in his hands becomes an entity with a life of its own), Kenny G has revolutionised the instrument and made it his own and on its strength he has become an international superstar (with a very huge fanbase in China!). He is even better in his concerts and owing to that fact they are still hugely popular with most of them selling out way before the concert is scheduled to begin! It is his dedicated professionalism along with his determination to give his best at each of his concerts that marks him out as an entertainer of repute.

Be prepared to be rejuvenated and energized if you are attending his concerts. Kenny G will leave you feeling uplifted and breathless without you ever leaving your seat. This magic is only possible because of the amount of hard work and preparation that Kenny G puts in all his concerts, something you can find out for yourself by attending his concert.